Thursday, April 6, 2017

My Secret Place

One of the greatest blessings of walking with Jesus is getting to rise early every day to spend precious time with Him in my secret place. Meeting with Him, first thing every single day is what molds my day. There is no better way to begin your day than with the One who formed you in your mother's womb! This morning was no exception for me, of course.

As I was worshiping Jesus, in my secret place, I was particularly blessed by the worship songs that were randomly being fed through my earbuds. I have no doubt Holy Spirit chose every song, and arranged their order. I couldn't see the anointed musicians and singers, but that didn't matter. I could hear them. Besides, my eyes were closed! The fact that I could not see the stage, the singers, and the musicians had no negative bearing on my worship/prayer at all. Quite frankly, it intensified my worship.
This morning there were no flashing lights in my secret place. There was no smoke or fog. There were no waving flags. I didn't even need a monitor from which to read the lyrics of the songs (with moving backgrounds). There was no show. But Holy Spirit was there. That's all that matters. He's all we need. If we can just grasp that.
In my secret place each morning there are no distractions. Some mornings there is no worship music. Just my voice, His voice, and the birds singing outside as they begin their day. The thing about the secret place is that it is secret. It is that place where it is just Holy Spirit and me. It is a place where my life is changed. I hope you have a secret place, because that is where your life is changed too!
The secret place is the place where our spirit meets Holy Spirit. Jesus said, "It is the (Holy) Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing..." (John 6:63a) In my secret place, life is imparted to me. This type of life cannot be obtained from the world, or from the flesh; only from His the secret place. The Bible says that this imparted life is the light of men. Think about it. God's light shines through you and me to those who are in darkness. And only as He imparts life does our light become brighter and impact those in darkness. This happens in the secret place.
Corporate worship is no different. The reason we worship corporately in our church gatherings is so we can meet with Him. That's it. If we meet with is imparted, and lives are changed. Even in corporate worship can we enter our secret place. We must be careful that our corporate worship is not filled with distractions. When we look to the world for our methods of attracting people to the church, we've taken the place of Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus said, "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing..." The latest methods and trends may impress someone, but is Spirit life being imparted in worship? If so, then Holy Spirit will be the drawing card in our corporate gatherings.
And finally, for me, experience has proven that regular time in His presence is the difference between life and death; spirit and flesh. Please know that life is better! Again, life produces light that overpowers the darkness. Oh that we would spend time in the secret place.

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