Friday, October 23, 2020

Overcomer 3

Here is the latest in my series: Overcomer 3. In this episode I look at the "how to" of walking as an overcomer.

Monday, October 19, 2020

It's Crunch-Time For The Church

Let me start by saying it is crunch-time for the Church! For the past 4 years God has given us a reprieve from the downward tail-spin of our nation. Why a reprieve? Several reasons. But the main reason is for His church to rise up and advance! This reprieve has come at an unimaginable cost to our President and His family, and any national, state, or local leader who supports him. Still, our President trudges forward in the face of insurmountable opposition from those who persistently lash out at him with deep seated hatred...and He accomplishes more in 4 years than most of the Presidents (combined) in the History of our nation! If you don't believe me, check the facts, that is if you can find an unbiased fact checker!

During this time of reprieve much of the church has taken the position that she shouldn't get involved in politics and hence, not stir up the pot. Many believers won't discuss politics, or even pray about politics. But yet many have fallen into mass division because of politics. The church has been infused with the narrative (fueled by the spirit of antichrist) that says, "I don't want to offend anyone."

Instead of rising up to advance as a result of God's reprieve, the church has been passive, quiet, and remained confined to her realm between the 4 walls of a building. As I am speaking of the church, I want it to be clear that I'm not singling out the church organization alone. No, I am referring to any person who claims to be born again of the Spirit of God.

During the reprieve God has given us under our current President, we the church have remained extremely comfortable. But God's intention has been that we utilize this time period to move out, and move forward. The truth is, as we take the truth to our nation and the world, it should make us uncomfortable. It means that we invade the regions and realms of darkness that have ruled our nation for years. What an opportunity we have had! But have we missed it?

My heart breaks most over the folks who have not seen what God is doing. I'm talking about Christian folks. Instead, many believers have viewed it superficially as a political war on humanity's level, and nothing more. Sadly many followers of Jesus base their political views either on a party, a party's platform, or on whether or not they approve of a person's personality. Even above platform, policy, and personality, our political stance should be based on God's Word. Nothing more. Nothing less. And we should pray accordingly. This does not mean that we avoid politics, as it is the means by which we the people elect those who are supposed to represent us as our public servants. What this does mean is that we, as believers and followers of Jesus, should be intent on electing those whose policies adhere the closest to the Word of God. We shouldn't conform to the party simply because it's the party we've always conformed to. If we as believers are following our Lord closely, He will tell us who to vote for. Many folks don't want to hear God though, because they don't want to align with His plan. Why? It goes against the party, race, platform, and personal preference!

I don't consider myself a prophet. But here is what I believe God desires. He has given us the privilege to rise up and move forward during the last 4 years. Think about it. For nearly 4 years we have had a President who is pro-church, pro-prayer, pro-life, pro-Americans, pro-America, pro-Israel, and pro-economy, to name just a few. As I said earlier, God's plan has been for the church to advance under national leadership that supports its advancement. But for 3 years the church simply coasted along, not listening for God's directions. And then...there was the year 2020! What a year!

During 2020 God has been shaking the church. In the shaking, He is separating those who are responding to the shaking from those who seem to be on an extended vacation! I happen to be one of those who have been shaken to the core. Not because things are difficult, but because the shaking has prompted me to seek God more than I ever have! God has been speaking. God has been revealing! God has been providing! There are some things I have not been able to do in 2020. But one thing I have been able to do is seek God! You know what? When you seek God earnestly and persistently He speaks stuff. He does stuff.

Before I write a book (maybe I should), let me say that I feel enough Christians have been shaken (and responding) to start a massive 3rd Great Awakening on planet earth. Are you one of them? In the next 4 years many will be released as we come out of this pandemic. These folks will change the world! The next 4 years holds a crucial key for the church. Those who are currently being shaken, and are responding to God accordingly, will carry the light that awakens millions upon millions who are now grappling in the darkness.

I urge you strongly...make the decision to be a part of it. Now is the time to stand up (if you haven't already)! It's crunch-time church! Don't respond to the upcoming election superficially, according to the flesh. Understand what is going on. The battle rages for the soul of America; she who was founded by Godly people on Biblical principles.This is not about one party against another. This is about light versus darkness. I implore you...stand up (and remain standing) for the light!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Overcomer 2

I continue my teaching on being an overcomer - the instant one is born again. I also talk about how God created mankind, from the beginning, as overcomers, and how Jesus came to the earth as an overcomer, and overcame the world. In Christ, YOU HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Perspective Is Everything

Perspective. What does it mean? The dictionary says perspective is: A mental view or prospect; it is the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship. Perspective is what you see, the way you see it, and how you respond to it. A key word in the definition above is "relevant". Proper perspective is the faculty of being able to identify what is relevant to the relationship or circumstances. Perspective comes in two forms: proper and improper. A proper perspective sees the relevant data and keys on it. Decisions made from a proper perspective essentially are based on truth. Truth meaning - the way things really are, or simply, the true facts. Proper perspective allows one to major on the majors and minor on the minors. Less time and energy are expended responding to data that is not true. On the other hand, an improper perspective is just the opposite. An improper perspective lacks the vision to see the truly relevant data. Decisions made from an improper perspective are based on falsehood and improper data. The data gained is gained from a lack of ability to see the "relevant". An improper perspective causes one to major on the minors and overlook on what is really major. Time, energy, and resources are used up in areas that make no impact or are even destructive.

Too often as Christians we operate from an improper perspective. What we see and the way we respond is based on false data because it is simply not relevant to God's will, plan, and purpose. In other words, the data is not based on the Word of God. For instance, the Word says the relationship between husband and wife should be a reflection of the relationship between Christ and His church. Is that how you marriage is? Jesus said the world will know we are Christians by the love we have for each another. Do you know some Christians that are determined to fight against one another to the death? I can guarantee that the reasons for the fight are totally "irrelevant" to the relationship God wants us to have with one another. Too many times we major on what is really not important. And we vow to fight to the death over things that really have no value to Jesus! How do non-believers respond to this?

What is the answer? The answer is Jesus. I once taught a series entitled, "The Jesus Man". It is about how Jesus was God and Jesus was man when He came to the earth. The text of the series is based on Philippians Chapter 2, verses 5 - 11. This passage describes the attitude (mental view or perspective) of Jesus. The attitude reveals the heart. The key to our salvation is the fact that Jesus, as God the Son laid aside all His privileges and became the "only begotten Son of God" in the earth. He saw the relevance of humility and laying aside what was truly important to Him in order to be the sacrifice for our sins, and the only Way to the Father. Paul said in Philippians Chapter 2, "Have the same attitude that was in Christ in yourselves." There it is. That's the key. We must all learn that nothing can be so important to us that we hold on to it - even while Christ's church is becoming separated. We must remember, everything we are willing to lay down (as important as it seems to us) will result in unity in God's church. That's the perspective that was in Christ. Are you majoring on something that is truly a minor? Is what you are holding on to going to make a difference say in 20 years? Is your "major" so major that it tears down, divides, and separates? If we could see it all through the proper perspective, which is Christ's attitude, we would see what is really major. Then we would stop majoring on the minors. Think about it. Pray about it.