Monday, May 15, 2017

A Real Body Builder

I've never been one to build up my body by pumping iron. More power to those who do. No pun intended. I am surely not one who trains to compete in events like the triathlon, decathlon, or marathon. Sure, I try to exercise and eat right. The more seasoned I become, the more aware of maintaining my health I've become. That "seasoned" part afore mentioned means "older". I'm just not a serious athlete as some are.
I'm pretty sure standing next to an avid body builder I would look pretty wimpy. I can live with that - because in the ream of the Spirit I'm pretty cut. Yes, you heard me right. I'm pretty cut. You see, I've been pumping spiritual iron for years. This dude has been working out in the Spirit. Years of pumping the iron of God's Word, and building myself up on His Spirit has resulted in making me a freak...a Jesus freak. Yes, I'm an avid follower of Christ. You know, a Christian. And since the real battle is in the spiritual realm, I have chosen to train and get cut spiritually! I'm not bragging. Jesus is the One who made it possible. My strength is His strength. My power is the power of His Spirit. Without Him I am nothing. But with Him...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
I'm curious about you. Are you built up in Him? Are you so "cut" that you are actually "freakish" in Him? Just give it all over to Him. Then follow avidly after Him. Feed on His Word daily; continuously. Train in the Spirit through prayer, praise, and worship of Him. Be faithful to walk in Him. The Bible says you will run and not get weary. That's pretty cool.

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