Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm Not Howdy Doody!

I haven't ranted in awhile, so here goes. I guess I'm just a stick in the mud, or a party pooper, or something. But I don't think it's really necessary to look to social media to determine what my "sexy" percentage is. Are you kidding me? I don't think it's necessary to look to the same to give me my Hollywood name, my Biblical name, whether I am part Winston Churchill, Putin, Reagan, or Howdy Doody!

Come on folks! You're wasting productive time with all that stuff! And for some of you it makes you look....well...kind of stupid. Especially those who claim to follow after Jesus Christ. You are who you are. Your name is what your parents named you. You are who and what Jesus made you to be. You don't need social media to even make suggestions about you, even though it's supposedly "All in fun." You have a powerful destiny, determined by Jesus, not by what social media inadvertently spits out about you.

And another thing, is it really necessary for you to put "everything" on social media. Don't get me wrong, I like you, but I don't necessarily need to know that your cupcakes just came out of the oven.

And for those little games at which you post everything, from your blood type to how many fillings you have in your mouth, (and then copy and paste it),'re giving up some vital information that could come back and bite you where it really, really hurts one day in the future. In the military one of the lowest levels of security, if practiced, is one of the most effective levels of security. It's called "Need to know". If someone wants some information from you, you ask yourself the question, "Do they have a need to know?" If they do not have a need to know, don't give them the information. I think that would be a good practice on social media. Before you volunteer everything, at any time, ask yourself, "Do they really have a need to know?" It's just common sense my friend. Don't be sucked in by every little game presented.

And yet another thing, whether I like, share, and copy and paste something - in know way determines my opinion, or whether I have read it or not, or whether I am a true follower of Jesus or not. Don't let anyone or any post manipulate you to go along with anything. The Bible calls that witchcraft. Just saying.

And one last thing. Don't fall for any of that nonsense that says, "If you will share this you will receive a blessing from God by 5:32pm today!" It doesn't work that way! Blessings certainly do come from God. But they come according to His Word, not according to social media.

Social media is a very powerful form of media. And used productively can change the world. For the Christian, let me say, you need to use social media for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus; and for spreading the love of Jesus. Don't air your dirty laundry here. Don't put yourself in some kind of danger by volunteering all your information, and every single thing you do. It's OK to be social, but don't be foolish about it. Rant over!

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