Monday, December 17, 2012


It's Monday...Again!!

It's Monday morning.  A very busy week lies ahead and what are you thinking?  It's quite common for working people to be thinking "On no!  It's Monday.  Not again!"  Some are thinking "Where oh where did the weekend go?"  The answer to the last question?  It's gone!  However another weekend is on its final approach to your life and it will be here soon enough.  And between last weekend and this weekend is another work week.  It's kind of difficult to change that.  So let's see this brand new work week as a week filled with opportunities that begin today...Monday!

Yes, you still have to face the routine stuff in your work week that you face every week.  But do something different this week (starting today). (Read more...)

Time for A Vision Evaluation?

What on earth is a vision evaluation? It's just that...a vision evaluation! God has given you as a  follower of Christ, spiritual vision to help you fulfill your purpose and destiny. Vision is the God-given ability to see at least parts of your destiny fulfilled. Without vision, you cannot reach your destiny. Without vision your purpose is unclear (to you). A loss of vision results in a loss of focus...further resulting in an unfulfilled destiny.

What is destiny? Destiny is purpose applied and fulfilled. Your destiny is God's purpose for your life (Read more...)

Unity = Diversity Focused on Jesus

Recently I was pondering the subject of unity. Once we understand the purpose and power of unity, and how God responds to it, we better understand the operation of His entire Kingdom!

Unity is an incredibly powerful force. God uses unity among followers of Christ to perform His will in the earth. Unity does not take place when everyone agrees on everything. Unity is produced when folks focus on ONE thing. (Read More...)

Where Are The Godly Men?

There are many more men of God out there than we know. There are many more than we see with our eyes. You see, a man of God is not simply someone who preaches, or is the pastor of a church. A man of God is not simply an Evangelist or a Missionary. Simply stated (as I so often do), a man of God is a Godly man! Any man who is Godly is a man of God.

Why do I not see more men of God? Because most men of God don't realize who and what they are - men of God. The truth is, God intends for all male believers to be men of God. He can change cultures and societies through men who sell out to Jesus and live wholly for Him; men who uncompromisingly stand for the righteousness of God. However, if the enemy can thwart this, our cultures and societies continue to degrade and become more and more God-less. (Read more...) 

A Taste of Heaven

The sight of Christians worshiping in India, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and of course, our United States does something for me. I cannot accurately explain it, but something sparks inside of me when I see people of different color, language, ethnicity, culture and nation come together for one purpose - to uplift the mighty name of Jesus.

I was in Saudi Arabia a few years back on temporary duty for the Air Force. One particular Friday a few of us gathered in the British Airways compound (a community within a community) for a worship celebration. It was during Thanksgiving so some of us Americans were joined by a host of folks from other nations to celebrate. We had a time of praise and worship that changed my life. In that little room I saw people from India, Pakistan, England, Germany, Africa, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and other parts of this planet worshiping (with all their hearts) the same Lord I had come to know just 2 years earlier. Suddenly I had a thought (I know was prompted by the Holy Spirit)..."This is a taste of Heaven". Wow...a taste of heaven! (Read more...)

He Came

Black Friday, 2012 is now History! Time to celebrate! It's all over...right? Well...not exactly. Black Friday is the official kick-off for the entire Christmas retail shopping season. In other's on! The official Christmas shopping clock is ticking toward that unavoidable deadline - Christmas Day.

Will you make the December 25th deadline this year? Gifts must be purchased. And not just gifts,   perfect gifts. What do you get folks who already have everything? Will you establish or add to your debt by purchasing these perfect gifts (for folks who have everything) on a credit card? (Read more...)

The Way I See It

The election is over. Barack Obama was re-elected to serve another 4 years as President of the United States. Did your candidate win? Did your candidate lose? Will your hopes and dreams for the next 4 years be based upon who was elected as President? Are you elated this morning over the election results? Or, are you depressed and disappointed?

The way I see it is, many people put so much stock in the election, it distracts them from the good part; that part that shall never be taken away from them. And when the results don't turn out the way one hopes and plans, depression and discouragement set in. (Read more...)


May you have an extremely blessed Christmas, and an abundantly prosperous New Year! Thanks so much for your support of my blog. I anticipate many more posts in the coming year that will encourage you!  God Bless!

Steve Hutto

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