Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Taste of Heaven

The sight of Christians worshiping in India, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and of course, our United States does something for me. I cannot accurately explain it, but something sparks inside of me when I see people of different color, language, ethnicity, culture and nation come together for one purpose - to uplift the mighty name of Jesus.

I was in Saudi Arabia a few years back on temporary duty for the Air Force. One particular Friday a few of us gathered in the British Airways compound (a community within a community) for a worship celebration. It was during Thanksgiving so some of us Americans were joined by a host of folks from other nations to celebrate. We had a time of praise and worship that changed my life. In that little room I saw people from India, Pakistan, England, Germany, Africa, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and other parts of this planet worshiping (with all their hearts) the same Lord I had come to know just 2 years earlier. Suddenly I had a thought (I know was prompted by the Holy Spirit)..."This is a taste of Heaven". Wow...a taste of heaven!

What was it about this experience that prompted the Holy Spirit to say what He said? It was the fact that in heaven (just like in that room) people from every tribe, tongue, and nation will be gathered to worship and adore the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords forever and ever and ever.

Even now at gatherings when there is a parade of flags from the nations represented, I have to hold back the tears. It just touches my heart. Each flag represents a people group or groups, different from mine, devoted to giving worship and praise to the same God..the ONE and ONLY God. There is no doubt God is moved when the nations of the earth gather to worship Him. Why? Because it will be the same in heaven when we're all gathered before Him, blessing His heart.

He created the different nations to be different! Different  tongues. Different color. Different cultures. Different locations. Different environments. we worship the ONE and only, the ONLY true God, we become as He is...ONE! He causes the diversity we represent from each nation and each person to become ONE Holy Nation before Him. We must retain our individuality because He died for each one of us. However, as we uplift our King, in His presence our diversities blend into one voice, no matter where we are located on the planet!

I believe this IS a taste of heaven. There is much about heaven I do not know. But I do know what He is showing us. Heaven will be filled with color (contrary to popular opinion)! There will be diversity. There will be individuality. But there will be ONE holy nation, composed of all the color and diversity and individuality. It will be indescribable! It will be incredible! How do I know this? Because I have already gathered with believing folks from a host of different nations to experience the oneness that is produced through worship of Him. I have already had a taste of heaven!

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