Sunday, November 25, 2012

He Came

Black Friday, 2012 is now History! Time to celebrate! It's all over...right? Well...not exactly. Black Friday is the official kick-off for the entire Christmas retail shopping season. In other's on! The official Christmas shopping clock is ticking toward that unavoidable deadline - Christmas Day.

Will you make the December 25th deadline this year? Gifts must be purchased. And not just gifts,   perfect gifts. What do you get folks who already have everything? Will you establish or add to your debt by purchasing these perfect gifts (for folks who have everything) on a credit card? Or will you simply tackle this undue stress by expending your hard-earned funds to get perfect gifts (for folks who have everything)? Add to that, traveling or hosting during the Christmas holidays. Wow! No wonder folks become too stressed to rest during the Christmas holiday season!

Should we reduce December 25th to nothing more than a deadline for the sake of our chaotic traditions? Will the true reason for this wonderful season in which we SHOULD rejoice over the birth of our Savior be obliterated by the attractions and distractions of commercialism?

The truth is no one knows the actual date on which Jesus was born. But an even greater truth (we must not miss) is that He came. He came. During the Christmas season religions all over the world at least acknowledge that He came. What an incredible time for we followers of Christ to demonstrate the real meaning of Christmas...Jesus Christ came! He was born as one of us to save us from our sins. My...what a gift!

I love the family gatherings. I love the food. I even like to give and receive presents. But I would let it all go in the twinkling of an eye if I knew that even in the least, it was causing me to miss the true meaning of Christmas...He came.

Just a few more questions. What are you teaching your children about the true meaning of Christmas? What does your Christmas Christ-follower demonstration look like to others? Are you rejoicing over the true reason for the season in the peace of God that passes understanding? Or, are you becoming caught up and becoming too stressed to rest?

Join with me as we enter the "official" start of this Christmas season. Let's "counter" the worldly traditions of commercialism and stress. Let's demonstrate the true reason for the season. The truth that Jesus came as the greatest gift...ever. Instead of stress and tension, make the choice for peace and joy! "And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior." (Luke 1: 47)

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