Monday, October 3, 2011


It's a beautiful, crisp, Fall Monday morning. I'm up and seeking God's presence.  As I've said many times before, I love to seek Him on the vehicle of anointed praise and worship.  I thank God for the gift of praise and worship as it lifts me higher into His presence.  Who can deny His presence?  I guess perhaps those who have never experienced it!  But not me!  How can I deny a force so real and so very instantly life-changing!

Anyway, I enjoy Pandora as I have created my own personal praise and worship station.  As I was worshiping this morning the old song "Breathe" came on.  This was an older version from way back.  I am amazed at the anointing (the touch of God) this song has.  And it never seems to lose it or even wane.  One word came into my mind during this song..."addicted".  This song drew something out from deep down in my heart...I am addicted!

The songs says "I am desperate for You."  "I am lost without You."  How does that make me  addicted?  Well...listen to the rest of the words.  "This is the air I breathe.  Your Holy presence, living in me."  "This is my daily bread.  Your very Word, spoken to me."  His presence is my air.  His Word is my food/sustenance.  Without them I am lost, and so for HIM I am desperate.

When Adam was brought to life, God had just breathed the very breath of life into Him.  When I was spiritually brought to life (born again), God breathed into me His breath of life, the Holy Spirit.  And now the only way I can live spiritually (and eternally with Him) is by His Spirit who is the breath and presence of God! Without Him I am eternally dead and lost.  Therefore I am desperate for Him...addicted.  The Word says that we must live and grow on "every Word that comes out of God's mouth."  Again, desperate.  Again, addicted!

The words of the song ring so true.  I am desperate for you Jesus.  And I am certainly lost without you.  I was wondering.  What about you?

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