Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Move of God

(A re-post from Harvest Celebration Ministries a couple of weeks ago.)

One of the passions of my heart over the years has been to see the church stirred up from the inside out.  I still have that passion.  I want to see the lives of God's people literally turned upside down by God Himself.  It has been not only my passion, but my constant prayer. Over a year ago God connected Connie and me to an incredible group of folks who share that same passion...and as a result have been praying for the same. To be able to gather weekly with this group who represents somewhere between 65% and 75% of this church has been most refreshing.  Just this past Tuesday night, during this prayer meeting God began to impress some things upon my heart.  I simply want to share them.

What we are seeing is a move of God.  This move we are experiencing is not exclusive to one local church.  This move is happening world-wide and is a result of deep hunger for the reality of God.  This hunger is born out of and propagated by prayer.  Even though this move is world-wide, it's not just anywhere.  It is taking place where there is a deep hunger for God.  This is not a work of God.  It is a move of God. There is a difference.  The work of God involves God and man.  The move of God is exclusively done by God's Spirit.  The work of God always follows the move of God.

In too many places the work of God is attempted before the move of God takes place.  In too many places men are attempting to force the work of God where there has been no move of God.  And still in too many places men are forcing the work of God where God moved 20, 30 even 50 years ago.  It just doesn't work.  This produces religion.

What we are seeing is the move of God upsetting the normality of human lives.  Only God's Spirit can do this.  Only the move of God can bring folks to the reality of the sin in their lives, and cause them to openly repent.  The move of God is like a Tsunami.  A tsunami is a terrible thing.  A Holy Spirit Tsunami is a terrible thing too.  It's a terrible thing to the average, complacent Christian as it obliterates sin and religion in their life.  Like a tsunami this move of God tears down, breaks up, destroys, and ravages the normality of life.  But the good news is that this move of God prepares the way for the work of God to follow!

I was reminded of the Apostle Paul (before he was the Apostle Paul). The Holy Spirit knocked him off of his horse and blinded Him!  Talk about a tsunami!  It was after the move of God on Paul that the work of God began.  In my opinion Paul is the greatest apostle who ever lived!

In order for God to do on-going work in each of us He has to move on and in us.  In order for God to work in our churches, there needs to be overwhelming, life-upsetting encounter(s) with Him.  In order for us to do the work of God, we need the move of God.  This is what He is doing these days.  Do you hunger for the reality of the God we claim to serve?  Do you feel there is more to the Christian life you are experiencing?  Then join with those who share the same hunger and don't try to hang on.  Because everything you can hang on to will be washed away!

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