Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Notice Stuff

I happen to be one of those people who notices things.  I really can't help it.  I just notice stuff.  The weird thing is I'm not really a detail person!  Once (a long time ago) I was watching a re-run of a 30 minute show supposedly set in Cocoa Cocoa Beach, FL.  In this episode the Major runs out into his front yard. Then I notice them there in the background...mountains!  What's wrong with mountains?  They don't exist in Florida.  I noticed once (and every time since then) that the Walton's don't really live in Virginia.  They live in California! Well...that's where they were filmed.  Sorry.  I just notice stuff.  But this one takes the cake.  When I was a kid way back in the 20th century, some friends and I were at the movies one Saturday afternoon.  It was a really great Western.  I was enjoying myself and then I noticed it.  I cracked up laughing. What was it?  It was the vapor trail of a jet airplane in the sky!  The cowboy just rode on as if it didn't exist!

I notice stuff about people too.  I notice the way people laugh.  I notice the way people talk.  I might just ask you where you are from if you have a different accent.  I notice the way people sneeze.  Yea, pretty weird but I do.  What amazes me is how some people can control a sneeze.  You know, those tiny little whimpers you barely hear as they symbolically cover their nose with just one finger.  Good grief, if I tried that I might blow my ear drums out!  I'm just saying.  I notice stuff.

I also notice how people respond to life itself.  Some can handle it well while others cannot.  Some seem to be up and steady, while others are up and down, back and forth.  I've noticed how some seem to maintain a growing, healthy relationship with Jesus, while others are sort of in and out in that relationship.  I just notice.  The truth is, we all struggle at times...even in our relationship with Jesus.  But here is the great news.  Jesus never moves away from us or leaves us.  He is always steady and ready.  After all, He is the "Rock" of ages.  All other ground is "sinking sand".  You may be up today or you may be down today.  You may be in today or you may be out.  But He is always there for you.  The Book says He will never leave nor forsake you. (See Hebrews 13:5)  You and I can call on Him at any time.  He is there.  One thing I've noticed about Jesus, and it changed my life.  He loves you and me with an everlasting love.  This love will never change.  He stands ready right at this moment to forgive, heal, strengthen, and love you too!  Just ask Him.  How could I not notice this!

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