Monday, August 29, 2011

Better Than Orange Juice

It's a Monday morning as I make this post.  It's early (as usual), and my head is between my ear buds...pumping very anointed Praise and Worship music into my existence.  I cannot accurately express in words what I feel...but I'll give it a try.

Besides just plain ole good, something really special happens when I require myself to spend quality time in God's presence.  I seem to experience a full dose of the reality of what I already know.  For instance, I know that God is good.  And I know many verses that substantiate God's goodness from the Book.  But when the Holy Spirit energizes that fact abruptly, I began to experience for myself the reality of what my head already knows!  It's life-changing!  I know that God can do anything. But when I am in His presence I begin to experience what I already knew...God CAN do anything.  It's more than good comes alive!  One more example.  I know that God inhabits praise.  (See Psalm 22:3).  But when I enter into His gates with a heart of thanks, and come into His courts with praise...I experience the reality of God inhabiting praise!

I don't know everything.  And God can teach and show us many things while in His presence.  However, what I do know, and what I have learned becomes a tangible reality when I am in His presence.  No, not all at once, but whatever He desires to bring to reality...He does.  It moves from being great information stored in the memory banks of our minds, to a tangible reality in our spirits. Yep, God IS good!  Because such a big, mighty, holy God would consider you and me worthy to even come into His presence.  And on top of that, He would bring to reality the promises He has already presented to us in His written Word.

And let me say that requiring yourself quality time in His presence is even better than that orange juice commercial.  You know, the one where everyone at the breakfast table is telling a certain person that at such and such a time during the day, bad things would happen to him.  To every bad thing he says "Great.  Fantastic.  I've had my orange juice!"  You can face the day and tackle anything because you've been in God's presence.  And you don't just know all the great things about Him...this very day you have experienced them!

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