Friday, September 10, 2010

Living for the Day

As I write this post it is Friday! You know, T.G.I.F. And as I look over who's doing what on FaceBook I see several comments about this being Friday. As a matter of fact, some comments actually started showing up late Wednesday! Isn't it interesting how we live for the day? Friday means it is the weekend "eve". Everyone is excited about Friday! The weekend actually begins when you exit the place of your job - on Friday! Everyone is in a good mood - anticipating the weekend.

Now contrast that to Monday! Monday is the beginning (not the end) of the work week. Attitudes are somewhat different! On Monday morning no one seems to be even the least excited about a FULL week of work ahead! I've also noticed over the years (I have worked a few) that as the week progresses toward Friday attitudes lift accordingly. It is amazing how we live for the day! Wow! What a difference THE day makes!

I've learned something very, very important over the years as a follower of Christ. Every day is a great day! When you consider this in light of our awesome relationship with Him you realize the truth of the preceding statement! Why is every day a great day? Because He is great! The Bible says He is the same past, present, and in the future. His life-changing love for you and me is the same on Monday as it is on Friday! When you realize the depth of His love for - your circumstances no longer make or break your day! As you grow closer to Him feelings no longer determine your mood for the moment!

I have to tell you this. Way back when, the day I genuinely met Jesus it was during the very worst time of my life, I was at the very bottom of the pit, and it was on a Monday! What started out as the all-time, worst day of my life turned out to be one of the greatest days of my life! Yea baby!

So if you know Him today - it is a great day! Not because it is Friday, but because He is great! Let me warn is Friday but Monday is on the way. And when Monday arrives choose to make it what it truly already is - a great day!

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