Monday, September 6, 2010

A Breath of Fall

It's another cool, late summer morning here in Mississippi.  There is definitely a taste of Fall in the air.  Of course, this is Mississippi so the taste will fade in a day or two and Summer will resume it's effort to hang on as long as possible.  But mornings like today remind me that Fall is just around the corner.  The coolness of this morning encourages me that a refreshing change is just ahead which brings long-term relief from the oppressive summer temps we've encountered this year.

Have you noticed that dispositions change when there is a hint of cooler temps in the air?  Attitudes seem to improve when the initial signs of Fall begin to appear.  Fall is the end of the summer heat's grip on us all!  Why wouldn't we feel better...even if this first taste is for just a couple of days!  Jesus said that we can look at the tender branches in late winter, and see they are just about to bud and know that Summer is really close.  He also said we can observe the signs of the times and know He is near.

We live in some very disturbing times no doubt.  But the God we serve is the God who is in control of it all.  He said when you see certain signs occurring, know that He is very, very near.  Jesus never meant for us to panic when we see the signs of His return.  Instead, like this breath of Fall we're experiencing (and the excitement it brings), we are to get excited that He is near.  If you can see the signs of the times of Jesus return, like the approaching Fall...are you excited?

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