Sunday, September 12, 2010

His Faithfulness

It's a Sunday morning.  I haven't been up long at all.  I just finished my time in the Word and still sipping on my cup of Italian Roast.  I really love this time of day.  Things are fresh and things are quiet.  A busy day lies ahead, but this time of the day makes it all worth while!  It is these times that clear my head and give me a proper perspective of the day ahead.

During these early morning times I like to ponder things.  Right now I'm pondering the faithfulness of God.  In the Bible Paul said, "If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself."  (2nd Timothy 2:13)  This short, but very powerful scripture says much.  God is faithful...even when we're not.  I am so glad God's love is based on His faithfulness and not mine.  God is the creator and initiator of all things.  John said we love because He first loved us.  God loved you and me before we could even begin to love Him.  We now can love Him and others, because He first loved us.  Again...He is faithful even when we are faithless.  The reason God is faithful is because He is true to His Word.  God tells us in the Bible His plans for mankind and the world.  If we live by the principles He laid out in His Word we even discover His plan for us as individuals.  God's Word is His standard.  If God disobeys what He says, He denies Himself.  But according to the scripture above He cannot deny Himself.  This might be just a pinch deep but we must understand that what God has spoken (and is written in the Bible) is so solid, so trustworthy that He cannot deny Himself.  Therefore God's Word must be the standard we live by.  Listen to me carefully.   It is only when we live by and practice the principles in the Word that we truly and fully experience His faithfulness.  This is simply walking by faith.

A sick woman came to Jesus to be healed.  She had been sick for many years.  She was telling herself "If I can just touch Jesus, I know I'll be healed."  She was convinced of this.  When she did touch Jesus He stopped and acknowledged that healing power had flowed out of Him.  Before it was all over Jesus said to this woman "Your faith has made you well."  What He meant was that her simple trust in Jesus to heal (he had healed others too) was what caused the faithful Healer to heal! 

God is faithful and He will always be faithful...even when we're not.  We know that.  But He created you and me to experience His faithfulness in its fullness...not from a distance.  So from  this we can deduce that to experience His faithfulness we must simply walk by faith.  It's that simple.  But to walk by faith is to know and trust in His Word.  Life's circumstances don't always present the truth.  But God's Word does.  By trusting in His Word, we trust in the One who remains faithful and cannot deny Himself.  If you truly desire to experience God's steadfast faithfulness...simply take steps of faith.  Trust in His faithfulness.  It's all in His Word.

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