Saturday, June 25, 2022

Are You Offended By Dedicated Christians?

I recently heard someone say that if you never bump into the devil, you are both going in the same direction. There's more truth in that statement than most followers of Jesus realize. The truth also says that we are here to fulfill the will of God for our lives, but not for ourselves. Our very existence is not for and not about us, but about Him. Our consumer-minded, Western culture has developed over the years, generations of consumer-minded Christians, programed to believe everything is about and for us. But that mindset doesn't fly in God's kingdom, and it has to change in order for revival to take place in the church.

Because of our consumer-minded society, many today who say they follow Jesus, find it easy to reject the truth of God's Word. If it doesn't gel comfortably with the consumer-minded, American lifestyle, it is simply deemed antiquated, and no longer valid. This brings me to my point! Many so-called Christians are easily offended by those who live today by the Word of God, because they take it seriously. They don't pick and choose what fits the bill for the 21st Century. They take it for what is says, and they live by it. Jesus said, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." (Luke 21:33) If God's Word will not pass away, it is even more valid today than ever before!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I love Jesus. I love Jesus more than anything and anyone else. He changed my life. He not only saved me, but He saved my bride, along with our marriage. We're approaching 49 years of marriage. I'm not perfect. Thank Jesus I don't have to be. But I AM justified in the sight of the ONE that matters. Because Jesus paid the price, and I have accepted ALL that He has done for me, I am in right-standing with the King of Kings. Nothing is more valuable to me than that, and those who truly know Him should feel the same.

I have lost friends, some of my family has avoided me, and I have been cancelled even by Christians because of my commitment to live for Jesus. Jesus has changed me. I cannot undo what Jesus has done for me. I wouldn't if I could!

So if you are offended by those who seriously and energetically serve Jesus, you are not offended by them, but by Jesus. You are offended by God's Word because they are living according to His Word and you're not. Check your heart. It's time to stand up for Jesus. Draw near to Jesus. Cry out to Him. Simply surrender to Him. You won't be offended. Instead, you will be blessed, and you will bless others rather than judge them. Above all you will live like Him because you live for Him. And yes, you will offend some because of who Jesus is, and now you are like Him! The rewards will be infinite, and others will be touched by Him through you!


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  2. Brother, for me what i can say thank you for doing a great job.
    You're really a great man in this world, God bless you


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