Monday, August 5, 2019

Pray For America

I am deeply grieved over all the shootings in the U.S. What a tragedy. What a waste of human life. How far will it go? How many more will die? Please pray for those who tragically lost loved ones, and pray for those who were wounded. Only by God's Holy Spirit can anyone be supernaturally comforted. And that happens when we pray!

Remember, Holy Spirit moves when God's people pray. God didn't establish prayer for His church as an option. Prayer is part of the essence of His church in the earth. His church is the body of Jesus Christ. If Jesus were here in bodily form, He would be praying and ministering the love of God to each and every person affected.

Jesus said in the last days that lawlessness will increase to the point that most people's love will grow cold. (See Matthew 24:12) I don't believe He was referring to Christians. Yes, we must always guard our hearts and be diligent to watch over it. But I believe Jesus was referring to the world. He said "most" people's love will grow cold due to increasing lawlessness. Unfortunately "most" includes almost everyone.

But never forget. God is bigger than all of the troubles we face as a nation! The answer: A move of God in America. By no means is it time to give in! As a matter of fact, it's time to take a stand for Jesus, in the midst of a crooked and perverse world! How do we stand for Jesus? First, make sure you truly know Him. Are you living for Him? Are you serving Him? Is your relationship with Him advancing? Then, you must learn and know His Word. Are you praying His Word? Are you speaking and confessing His Word over your life in all areas? Your prayers will only be as powerful as the level of God's Word you know and apply to your life. That's why He's given you and me the Word. We must apply it and live it 24 X 7!

Always pray for those affected by these terrible atrocities. And also pray for our nation as a whole. Because what we need is revival in our land. The only thing that can truly change the heart of a person - is God moving on the heart of that person. No amount of legislation, no amount of protesting, politics or demonstrating can do it. Only the Spirit of God. As you are praying, ask God to open the eyes and hearts of other believers to the dire need for His move on hearts. God moves on hearts when revival breaks out. Revival breaks out when enough followers of Jesus commit themselves to fervent, persistent prayer.

There's just one more element to seeing a revival break out in America...YOU. You cannot be passive. I cannot be passive. The atrocities are real, because the sin is real. However God has broken the power of sin through the eternal sacrifice of Jesus over 2000 years ago. Have you had enough? If so, will you pray? Can you sacrifice some time and energy to petition God in behalf of our nation? That's what it will take. Anything less is you surrendering our nation to the enemy. I don't know about you. But I am NOT ready to relinquish America to the powers of evil by being passive. You and I are the ones standing in evil's way. But only if we commit to prevailing prayer.


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