Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Presidential Vote Goes To......

The 2016 Presidential election is almost upon us. And I can honestly say, this has to be the worst election season yet! When I say this, I'm not referring to the choices of candidates to vote for. I'm referring to the atrocious conduct of the candidates involved toward one another. But....this post is not about who is running, how they are acting, or what they have done to each other. This post is about my vote.

Before I discuss my vote I want to say that no matter "who" is elected the next President of the United States, Jesus is still Lord. God is still in control! Yes, for believers it is very easy to become frustrated and discouraged over the events of the past several years, and the drifting away from God by our nation. But that doesn't change who God is. Don't ever forget...the future and destiny of our nation does NOT lie in the hands of mere humans. God controls the universe. Our responsibility as followers of Jesus is to seek God...not man. When we do, we draw closer to Him. When we draw closer to Him, we experience His love and His heart for mankind. It is His love and heart that changes human hearts and destinies.

So, how will I vote? Here we go. I will vote for the innocent. I am voting for the helpless. My vote goes to the aborted unborn. I will be voting for God's design for marriage; the holy union between a man and a woman. (God designed it, not me.) "And He answered and said, "Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE, and said, 'FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH'?" (Matthew 19:4-5)

I will be voting for the persecuted Christian here at home, and all around planet earth. I will be voting for the destitute throughout the world whom God in His infinite grace has allowed our nation to impact throughout our history. I will be voting for the church, through which God's Word has been proclaimed from the very inception of America. (We became a great nation...because of God's church!) I will be voting for the missionary stationed, standing, and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in the deepest, darkest of cultures, way far from the comforts of America. I will be voting for the freedom for anyone to proclaim the Gospel, anywhere in our nation; the Gospel (good news) that presents eternal freedom to those who are trapped in sin.

I'm voting for equality of souls. In heaven no color distinguishes between souls in any way. In heaven, we're all dressed in white, stained with the crimson blood of the Lamb of God. Even today in our midst, the Holy Spirit sees NO distinction between souls. We are all ONE in Jesus through the same Spirit.

In summary, I am voting for all the "life" principles for humanity, outlined in God's Word, the Holy Bible. The very same principles America is founded upon; and that she has stood firmly upon until recent decades.
Now comes the $64 question. Is there any candidate who represents all of the principles outlined above? The answer is no. But remember what I said. The future of our nation doesn't lie in the hands of mere humans. So what do Christians do...not vote at all? Do we write in our favorite person, or better still, our favorite cartoon character? No! Here's what we do...we VOTE! For whom? Vote for the candidate on the ballot who best fits the principles outlined in the Word of God.

It is our privilege to vote. It is our duty to vote. Love me as I say this, but to not vote is to concede to the notion that God is not strong enough, or big enough to be in control of our country. On the other hand, to vote (as a believer) is to understand the imperfection of our humanity, and have faith that our leaders are in the hands of the One who created and now rules the entire universe.

Many believe our nations is where she is because we've distanced ourselves (as a nation) from God. This is true. But there is more to it. America is in the shape she is in, so that we can clearly see what we must do...turn back to God! My prayer is that believers will see and act accordingly (Biblically).

Well, now you know my vote goes to...

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