Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Can I say? It's Life-Changing!

One of the highlights of my day comes at the beginning of my day. I love to rise early, spend time in the presence of our loving Jesus, and feed upon His powerful Word. What can I say? I'm addicted! Somehow it is not rote. It is not duty. This time with Him is something I need. As much as I am refreshed, strengthened, and energized, I simply must have my time with Jesus.
The time I spend with Jesus is not timed. Some days I spend more time with Him than others. I simply must be with Him! This has given to me over the years a constant awareness of His matter where I am, what I am doing, or what time of day it is!
I can say with much confidence that regular time with Him is a good thing. It is life-changing. It is life sustaining. When the storms come...He is still there. When I don't feel well...He is there. And because He is there, I can do all things through Him who gives me strength!
I can only imagine what heaven will be like. (No play on song lyrics here.) But I do know that we will be with Him forever! If hanging out with Him here is so life-changing, imagine what it will be like then! I love the fact that we can have just an incredible (life-changing) taste of heaven now!
Fortunately there is nothing complicated about being in His presence. It is quite simple. Just focus on Him. Create an environment in which it's just Jesus and you. I use the vehicle of anointed praise and worship music to help. "Anointed" simply means it has God's touch upon it. Somehow it has a supernatural edge. That's what makes the difference. And it takes time. But don't set your timer. Just make the effort (and time) to be with Him. As we focus on Him, the reality of His "bigness" comes into proper perspective as everything else around us seems to fade.
I just noticed I have used the term "life-changing" more than once. Guess that's the theme of this post. I like!
If you want your life changed, spend time in the His presence. Don't you do all the talking. Again, simply focus on Him. Let His presence do the talking! What can I say? It's life-changing!

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By Andrew Murray

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