Monday, January 13, 2014

How Do You Rate Yourself?

How do you rate yourself? What standard do you use? How effective is your rating system? Do you consider yourself good enough or worthy? In your eyes are you just not good enough? You may be surprised to learn that most folks just don't think they measure up. Many folks aren't pleased with the person they see in the mirror.

Why would a person simply not like themselves and feel they aren't good enough? One extremely big reason is because they compare themselves with others. When you compare yourself with others you are using a flawed standard...humanity. I remember as a young musician, with still a long way to go in the proficiency department, I was very intimidated by other like musicians that were better than me. I learned early on however, that no matter how good you are...there is always someone better. For years I would plunge myself into discouragement because of comparing myself to others who were definitely better than me. At times I would be paralyzed with intimidation. Intimidation that was manufactured by my own system of comparison.

Television, Hollywood, and the internet today pump out images of the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect person, the perfect family, the perfect life. People actually believe this is real life. And when their bodies, faces, families, and lives don't measure up to the "image", they feel unworthy or second rate. The fact that Jesus came makes you worthy and definitely not second rate.

You shouldn't rate yourself by worldly standards. The truth is though, we all must rate ourselves. How do we do it? By the standard of God's Word. Understand that God's Word is eternal. It is forever settled in heaven. (See Psalm 119:89) God's Word is the standard by which we rate ourselves. If you search God's Word you will find He says some wonderful things about you and me. Things that are not dependent on a fleeting image, but hold up throughout eternity! According to God's are pretty special. And that will never change!

According to God's Word you are good enough. How is that so? By trusting in His Son, Jesus. Jesus came and died in your place and mine. When He came, He took away the shame you struggle with from comparing yourself with others. So....what He says about you transcends what the world says about you. It's that simple.

You must know what God says about you. Then you must believe it. Even if it is contrary to what you think. Even if it is contrary to what you've been told. You must believe what God says. Come on now. Who will you believe? Some goofball or the King and Creator of the universe!

One final thing about rating yourself against the images of what the world says you are to be. It can also make you prideful. How? Well...if a person becomes deluded into thinking he or she measures up to the images of the world pride is there. And a crash and burn is not too far away! The Bible says pride precedes a fall.

Stop rating yourself according to the wrong rating system. What has that gotten you? A lot of discouragement. Rate yourself according to the standard of God's Word. Sure it may challenge you to make some immediate changes, but it will also reveal who you really are....special! That's what He says about you!

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