Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Are You Running On Empty?

No one likes to run out of gas when driving. Fortunately for me, I'm not one of those who often procrastinates filling up the tank...which can result in a perfectly healthy car stranded on the side of the road! I'll have to admit though...there was one time I ran out of gas. I was actually on the way to the gas station when it happened. Again...fortunately for me, I actually coasted right up to the gas pump! I don't like the thought of running out of gas so I do my best to make sure I don't! I keep at least one eye on the gas gauge at all times.

You probably don't like running out of gas and being stranded somewhere either. My advice to you is to always keep the tank full! Instead of running near empty, run on full!

I see this happening with Christians also. Many of us procrastinate spending necessary time in the presence of God. We allow busy schedules and other things to take the place filling up on the presence of Jesus. Or we fill up on the wrong things. The result is we live our Christian lives running near empty. In Matthew Chapter 6 Jesus said, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Jesus wasn't emphasizing how to get "things". He was stressing the truth that He is first in "all things".  Seeking after "things" will drain your tank faster than anything!

In Ephesians 5 Jesus said to fill up with the Holy Spirit, not wine. Wine here represents the things of the world. Instead of becoming drunk on the things of the world, be filled with the Holy Spirit. There is a marked difference. To be filled with the things of the world means to be empty of the Spirit. To be filled with the Spirit from seeking after Him means to be running on a full tank for Him.

In God's kingdom seeking is filling. I'm talking about serious seeking from a hungry heart. Seeking after Him is the way to be filled with Him. That's why Jesus said to seek Him and His kingdom first...and the "things" fall into place at a lower priority.

The reason you and I are called by God is to make a difference in someone else's life. It's the presence and the work of God in and through you that truly makes a difference in this world. If you neglect precious filling up time with Him you will run on empty. Running on empty as a Christian will not change anyone or anything. Running on empty will produce empty works, tradition, and in some cases...nothing at all. Let me encourage you to seek Him first. Seek Him regularly. Seek Him earnestly! He will move in you and through you.

You are created to do great exploits for Him. Thus you are also created to be filled with Him! That's how you and others will be changed. Don't run near empty! Make seeking Him your very first priority. Run hard on FULL!

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