Friday, October 4, 2013

Your Infinite Capacity To Worship God

You and I were created to function as whole worshipers of God; to bring glory to our Creator. The capabilities are limitless because God created us. The truth is however, like our brain, we probably bump (at the highest) around 10% usage of our worship capacity! Why is that? Because we are not completely yielded to the Holy Spirit - not only in worship - but in our lives as well. Listen to what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit: "He will glorify Me, for He will take of Mine and will disclose it to you." (John 16:14) Jesus said the Holy Spirit will "glorify" Him. Your part and my part is to yield to Him so He can do just that...through us!  This is how we increase our capacity to the scale!

According to the Scripture, we are created to be radical, bold worshipers of our God. Worship should be our life, not just something we do periodically. Worship is not a segment of our life - it is our life!  It is what we are engineered and created to do. Please understand this; your capacity to worship God is directly proportional to the Holy Spirit's capacity to glorify Jesus.

When the early believers received the Holy Spirit, they were compelled (by Him) out into the streets. The first thing they did after being filled with the Spirit was worship God and proclaim His Word with boldness. The more they worshiped, the more they proclaimed! The more they proclaimed, the more people were drawn to Jesus. They were tapping in to the Spirit's capacity to glorify Jesus, and it changed the world!

Many of us are seeking success in our methods of worship. We should constantly be pliable and relevant to our culture when it comes to connecting with people. But the greatest Connector of all times - the Holy Spirit - brings an energy into our lives and into our worship that cannot be manufactured by man. And it cannot be duplicated by man. He brings it as He worships and glorifies Jesus in and through us. Heaven's energy permeates earth's realm.

For many folks worship can be rote, dry, and uninteresting. My suggestion is to seek Him for the fresh fire of His Spirit. He is here on the planet to bring amazing, overwhelming glory to Jesus. He will do it through you and any believer who is hungry for Him. Simply yield to Him. Press in to Him. He stands ready to return the fire to you and to your worship. Instead of worshiping at 10% capacity, your ability to worship will be unlimited and contagious! It will spread to others as Jesus intends it to. The church will no longer be scratching her head and wondering what we're doing wrong or what procedure can she try next to change things! Let me know what you think.

CD97976: Nothing Is Wasted (Double CD) Nothing Is Wasted (Double CD)
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CD14589: Jesus Culture with Martin Smith: Live from New York Jesus Culture with Martin Smith: Live from New York
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Pairing Martin Smith's powerful songs of worship with Jesus Culture's signature call to bold praise, this album was recorded live in concert. Includes "Fire Never Sleeps," "Forevermore," "Pursuit," "Walk with Me," "Waiting Here for You," "Our God Reigns," "Song of Solomon," "Set a Fire," "Allelujah," "Holy Spirit," "Did You Feel?" "God Is Coming," and "I Belong to You." Two CDs.

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