Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Monday!

It's another great Monday. It would be easy to prejudge this day as a bad one just because it's Monday.  Isn't it amazing how we determine the value of our day by certain "exterior" conditions.  For instance it is often quite easy and almost natural to despise Monday because it is the first day of the work week.  Monday means the weekend is over.  Monday is also equal to the longest distance between now and the weekend.  I still fight that mindset!

But I have also learned that the way you think about something is determined by the way you think!  That last statement didn't come from Yogi Berra, it is a Steve Hutto-ism!  When you think about makes perfect sense.  We think negative things based on negative principles we've learned from others and experience.  It's very easy to despise Monday when everyone around you despises Monday.  The result is we see things through negative glasses, which give us a negative outlook.

The Bible teaches us that following after Christ requires we change the way we think.  We have been given the Bible which is chock full of truly positive principles that change the way we think.  It is the renewing of the mind.  Since it's God's Word, the application of it not only changes our thinking...but it changes our thinking to the way God thinks.  I am so glad God doesn't sleep.  But if He did I am convinced every morning (especially Monday) He would wake up on the proverbial "right" side of the bed!

Why change our thinking anyway?  I mean what's so bad about despising a Monday?  The truth is the way you think becomes the way you speak.  The Bible also teaches that what we speak is what we get!  Not meaning to pick on Monday but it is such a good example.  If you despise Mondays at work, you will usually talk about it. However, if you decide to think on the positive things Monday brings with it - you begin to see it in a different light...God's light!  Get this...Monday is the first day of an entire week filled with incredible opportunities!  What kind of opportunities?  Opportunities to make a positive impact on lives.  Opportunities to influence someone with God's love.  Opportunities in business.  Opportunities to advance in your job.  Opportunities to change stuff.  Opportunities to apply God's Word outside of the church building and your home.

I have so much fun applying this truth now.  Let me explain.  When I walk into my workplace and throughout each day I make it a point to be positive because God's Word is positive.  I may not always feel positive but I think positive.  I thank God for my job every single day.  How valuable are good jobs these days?  That's positive.  I make it a definite point to speak to every coworker I meet - every time we pass.  Have you heard this one?  "How are you?  Well...I'm here."  My response..."Well, I am glad you're here.  It wouldn't be the same without you!"  You should see the positive reaction that one brings!

I am convinced you have a calling to influence folks in a positive way.  God's way.  But you and I must not look at things the way most people do.  It's so easy to be negative in a negative world.  But the way to truly influence others is to be positive (Godly) in a negative world.  Don't wait till Monday to begin applying this principle.  Start matter what the day!

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