I Love This Time of Year

I love this time of year. The temps are brisk and the air seems fresher. It seems to make even the lights brighter...especially the Christmas lights.

When I was a boy I couldn't wait until they put up the Christmas lights in our small town of Bay Springs. I mean I had it bad. Back then, the lights would not go up until just after Thanksgiving. The lights were those they used to string across the streets in a zigzag pattern. Woven into the electrical wires (to hide them) was bright, silver tinsel. It usually took about 3 nights for them to be put up. I would hurry through supper (that's what we call it), and run downtown to watch. Since we lived only about 2 blocks from downtown I was there in a flash! And finally came the time when the lights would light up! Wow. I was so excited!

We always had an outside Christmas tree as well as the one inside. Grandmother would always take us to buy a tree to put outside in the yard and decorate with just lights. I loved it! I would dig a hole to install the tree in the yard and put the lights on myself. Every single night I flipped the switch to illumine the tree in the yard. It was wonderful to me! I loved the Christmas season!

In October of 1978 I discovered the real meaning of Christmas. I met the One Christmas is all about. A baby born of a virgin over 2000 years ago came to be the Savior of the world. Now there is something I can get very excited about! Actually I stay excited about Him! Knowing Him has radically changed my life in the most positive of ways. Even though Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, I enjoy this time of year more than ever because most of the world acknowledges His coming. Even other religions at least acknowledge His arrival 2000 years back. What a fantastic time to let the light of Jesus, our Savior, shine brightly...Christmas time...when all the world focuses more on His arrival.

I'll have to admit. I still love the lights and decorations. I still love the brisk temps. But above it all I am blessed from my heart outward in knowing the One who came. Having my sins forgiven is the best gift I could ever receive! 

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  1. Lovely thoughts. Since I'm in Thailand this year, I'm missing most of the traditions and cues of the season that I love (as well as the brisk weather!), so it's nice to experience it vicariously.
    It's also good to hear positive reflections on Christmas, rather then yet another vendetta against Santa or commercialism. Indeed, above all, a huge part of the world is acknowledging/celebrating the birth of Christ, whether they realize it yet or not :)


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