Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Human Gift Card

What kind of Christmas gift do you get the person who has everything? Or what if you can't come up with a single clue of what a person needs for Christmas? Oh My! What a dilemma! I'm talking about the person you really love, and you really want to get them something that will impact them. Not some token Christmas gift! I know what it is. Get them a gift card!

Now some folks think this is impersonal, but listen. With a gift card you empower the person to get what they really need or want. They get to choose. You can even get them a generalized gift card that can be used wherever they accept....well, you know. And get one (who is sane) wants to return a gift card! You also get to determine the amount. What could be better than a gift card! Not much (if anything) in my opinion!

Giving a gift card is actually more personal. Let me explain. A gift card is just about the same as money (because it is equal to the amount you paid for it). And your money represents the essence of who you are. Your money represents your education, training, experience, hard hours worked, etc. Face it, your money is actually more accurately who you are! So in my own thinking, that's not impersonal! A silly tie, or some wacky coin-counting that's impersonal. That's downright degrading!

At this time of the year people are running rather hectically buying Christmas gifts for one another. I see the stress and the fatigue over giving that perfect gift. Many go into debt to insure they purchase the perfect gift. Is it really worth all the stress?Just asking. Jesus did say "It is more blessed to give than to receive". But what did He mean? The giving Jesus is talking about is the giving of yourself. How do you give yourself? First you give it to Him. (Rom. 12: 1- 2) The greatest gift you could ever give anyone is to give yourself to Jesus. He doesn't need your expertise, He just wants you. When you give yourself to Jesus, He begins to work in your life - which is most beneficial to you. You empower Him to do with you all that He wants. It kind of makes you a gift card...sort of! Giving yourself to Jesus results in receiving the greatest gift one could ever receive - eternal life through Him. At this Christmas season, in the midst of all the bustle, give the ultimate gift. Give yourself to Jesus. You won't regret it!

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