Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Realm Beyond

Have you noticed there always seems to be some sort of a fascination with the supernatural among we humans?  You know, close encounters, ET, horror flicks, and lately...vampires.  That's right, vampires that fall in love with humans.  That's really not new though.  I remember back, way back when Barnabas Collins was in love with a human girl!  There seems to be built within us an attraction to the supernatural.  A curiosity (if you will) with the realm beyond ours.

The truth's been that way since the creation of man.  There is a supernatural element to all of us.  When God created man He breathed the breath of life (Spirit) into what was then...simply a clump of dirt!  (See Genesis 2: 7)  As a result, man became a "living" being.  This breath of life which He breathed into man became his spirit.  So when God created man he was actually born of the Spirit (which is God's breath).  Because of the way God created mankind, there will always be a drawing toward the spiritual or the supernatural.  When God first created Adam and Eve, there was within them a drawing toward God their Creator alone.

The Bible tells us in Genesis Chapter 3 that Adam and Eve were deceived and listened to the voice of the serpent who came to dispute all God had told them.  They disobeyed God and the spirit part of them was disconnected from God.  This was a very serious problem because it was through the spirit realm (the supernatural realm) mankind was connected to God.  Instead of being drawn to God, mankind now had to deal with a void that produced a drawing toward anything supernatural.  This includes the dark side.  When Jesus came 2000 years ago He also recreated or renewed our spirits in such away that we reconnect supernaturally with God.  This happens when we earnestly invite Jesus into our live in and through us...forever.

Today's infatuation with the dark side of the supernatural is no surprise among those who don't know Christ.  But they can just as easily be drawn to the light supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.   Satan and his forces compete for the souls of man by offering a taste of the supernatural.  What Satan offers is a lie leading to eternal death or better put...eternal disconnection from God.  But Jesus offers the truth leading to an eternity with the living God!

From walking with God for a number of years I have seen many supernatural occurrences.  From the salvation of souls, to the healing of bodies, to the casting out of demons, to supernatural provision, to supernatural protection, to the gifts of His Spirit.  Our God is supernatural.  I say it's time that we become infatuated with the God of all creation.  He is truly supernatural!  No one is like Him.  Focus the eyes of your heart on Him alone...and allow Him to the God the Bible promises Him to be!

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