Sunday, December 26, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

What a beautiful day it is!  I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to rise a little early this morning.  It's impossible to not be blessed by time in His incredible presence.  It seems to intensify for me when I hop aboard the vehicle of anointed praise and worship and trust Him to take me places unreachable without His enabling.  My heart soars higher and higher as His Spirit seems to energize my total existence.  I feel this morning was uniquely special as He spoke something specific to my heart.  As I continued to bask in His presence it became clear that what He spoke to me (as personal as it was) was not just for me.  I am now convinced that what He spoke was for others as well.  I am sure it won't apply to everyone, whom it may concern: 

The tide has ebbed in your life for a season.  However, I am to tell you specifically that the tide has turned.  The tide is now coming in - for you and me.  I remember years back when I used to fish the jetties in Fernandina Beach, FL.  You had to fish the jetties during the last half of the out-going tide and the first half of the in-coming tide.  This was for two reasons.  One reason (a very important reason) is that you would be washed off the jetties by the waves during high tide.  The second reason is that the best fishing was during the in-coming tide.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps I'll research that one day.  Or maybe I'll just wait and ask Jesus when I get to heaven.  He knows everything, you know!  But it's true.  We endured the last half of the out-going tide just so we would be in the proper place when the tide turned and started coming in.  That's when we caught most, if not all the fish!

I am to tell you that your tide has turned.  The tide is no longer ebbing, but it's coming in.  You've wondered what's happened and why it's happened.  But the One who created the oceans, and designed them to rise and fall knows it all.  He knows that your season of the ebbing tide is necessary.  But He's also the owner of time and says it is time for the tide to turn and ebb no longer.  The tide is rising in you your life.  With the incoming tide will come a wisdom that can only be acquired during low tide.  During the low tide in your life your heart has been prepared and enlarged for a love that only the tough times can produce.  With your prepared and enlarged heart people's lives will be impacted and changed in ways and means not possible without the ebbing tide.  You may not even realize it but the season of the low tide has developed a new hunger for God in your heart.

The tide will rise higher and higher in your life.  As a matter of fact, it will rise so high the waves it carries will wash you off of the things that have held you back.  These waves will cleanse you of attitudes and mindsets that you know have hindered your personal walk.  This tide will be so powerful that it will breakthrough the bonds and the strongholds the enemy had placed on you, and remove the roadblocks he had placed in your path.  It will bring an abundance of provision into your life to effectively meet the needs of others.  As you release provision to others...God will heap provision back on you.

I am to tell you that as we near the end of 2015 you are to rejoice. Not over what has happened, but what is about to happen.  I am to tell you that the power of rejoicing will bring the rising tide to pass.  Don't wait!  Rejoice now! Receive the rising tide - and its effects - into your life!

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