Sunday, October 24, 2010

How Great Is Our God?

No that's not the title of an awesome worship song.  It's a question.  How great is our God?

I'm up a little early on Sunday morning.  I just pulled my head out from between my ear buds.  I'll have to say I'm pumped!  An incredible time in one-on-one worship to Him will do that you know.  God always impacts me in some significant way every time I spend time in His presence.  Today is no exception.  I came away this time wondering "How great is our God?"

Life can be challenging...most all of the time!  Some of the problems it presents cannot be ignored.  However, time in God's presence presents a proper perspective on life and it's challenges.  The perspective I am talking about is God's perspective.  He faithfully shares it with the one who will spend personal time with Him.  What looks so big, mean, and nasty from Steve's perspective doesn't look so big, mean, and nasty from God's perspective.  God, the Creator is incredibly large!  Nothing happens to you and me that He doesn't see.  He knows about every single need we have...even before we ask Him to provide!  But sometimes we just don't see how great He is until we see it from His perspective!  Let me attempt to put that another way.  God is truly incredibly great.  But we don't really, really see that until we see it from His perspective.  The Bible repeatedly states how great He is...but sometimes we still don't see it until His Word is illuminated in our hearts by His presence.

We know how important it is to spend time in the presence of God don't we?  We know it strengthens us in our inner person.  We know it changes us from the inside out.  But let's also know we see more clearly how great our God is when we go to Him and spend time with Him.  When we clearly see how great our God is, we also clearly see how insignificant our challenges are.  So let me ask great is our God?

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