Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doors of Destiny

I once heard the late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole say that life is a collection of entrances and exits. That really impacted me. He went on to say that life was like a collection of doors. When you go through a door you leave one room and enter another. Or you simply exit one realm and enter another. Ecclesiastes 3: 1 says there is an appointed time for everything. Some versions use the word "season". There is an appointed season for everything under the sun. There are entrances and exists at God's appointed time.

Our lives consist of successive entrances and exits. In order for you to get to work you must exit your home, enter your car, exit your car, and enter your workplace! Wow! Pretty deep huh? In order for you to exit your bedroom, you just may have to enter a hall or some other room in your home! Again, life is a succession of entrances and exits. Why is life like that? It is because we live and operate (for now) in a realm that is governed by time and seasons. The sun rises and the sun sets (while the earth rotates). Seasons come and seasons go (because the earth revolves around the sun). It is the very nature of changing seasons that keeps us moving forward toward our destiny. Here's a simple example. In order for your destiny to be fulfilled you must get from point A to point Z. You'll never get there unless you get to point B first. You'll never completely get to point Z by settling in at point M. With God in control, you must go through every point between A and Z until you arrive at Point Z. Each point is a season in your life. The transition from point to point is simply a series of entrances and exits. But each point and each door is necessary! Each season of change in your life prepares you for an eternity with God in a realm that is no longer governed by time!

If you are leaving a season of your life and you don't know why, it is because it is necessary. If you were comfortable in your current season and everything changed, it is because it was necessary. It is because you are moving forward toward completion of your destiny! God never intended for things to stay the same way every day of your life. I am convinced that many Christ-followers endanger the fulfillment of their awesome destiny because they cannot recognize seasons of change. They don't see the door of opportunity that takes them out of one realm, and launches them into the next God-ordained realm! Don't change just because you think you have to. Simply look for the doors God will place before you. True change never takes place unless you go through the door. Let God open the door for you, but you must see it and go through it. He won't push you though. And remember, there is a season for everything! (See Ecclesiastes Chapter 3).

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