Friday, August 20, 2010

Give Him Your "Only"

One of the greatest, most important lessons we must learn after we come to know and serve God is that He must be God in our lives!  He wants to be the God of our lives!  More than just confessing our service and homage to Him, we must learn to allow Him to be Him in our lives.  We must come to understand that God will take who we are and what we are and make something incredible out of it.  He will take where we are and transform it into an awesome trek toward His destiny for us.  He designs our destiny with extreme impact on the lives of those around us as well as our own.  When God is allowed to be God, everything in our lives becomes infinitely significant. His will and purpose become the reason for our existence.

A great example from the Scripture comes from Matthew 14.  Jesus' followers come to Him after a day of ministry and tell Jesus the place is desolate,  it's late, the folks are hungry, there's no food for them, and that Jesus must send them away so they can eat elsewhere.  Jesus said something that completely astounded the disciples.  He said, "They don't need to go away.  You give them something to eat!"  They responded by saying, "We have here only five loaves and two fish."  Now here is a situation in which Jesus wants to be Jesus in their midst.  He tells them to do something utterly impossible!  Why?  Because He wants to do something only He can do in their midst!  What Jesus does causes His disciples to accomplish the impossible!  The disciples respond, "We have only..."  Have you ever responded like that?  "But God, I am only...!"  "Oh no God...I have only....!"  "I can only...because I am just....!"  When Samuel told young Saul that he would be Israel's first king he did the same thing.  "Oh no Samuel I am only...!  I am from the least of the tribes of Israel."  "I couldn't!"

I love the way Matthew 14 plays out.  Jesus says "Give me what you do have!"  They gave him the "only" five loaves and two fish on the whole site of well over 10,000 people.  Watch this now.  Jesus took it, blessed it, broke it, and gave it back to the disciples.  Then He required them to give the broken pieces to the people.  (Remember He said "You give them something to eat!")  The Scripture says there were about five thousand men who ate, besides women and children.  That's a lot of folks who were completely satisfied when God was allowed to be God!  There were even 12 full baskets left over!  The command from Jesus was "You give them something to eat!"  But in order for the disciples to carry out the order, Jesus had to be Jesus in their midst.  The disciples had to give what they had to Jesus so Jesus could supernaturally multiply it for them to give out to the people.  It was truly a miracle created from an "only" situation.  Let's stop asking God to give us more of something when all He really requires us to do is first give to Him what we already have!  Let's give Him our "only"!

What has God told you to do?  What passion has He placed upon your heart that seems utterly impossible?  What is your "only"?  Learn from God's Word in Matthew 14.  You can!  Impossible?  Absolutely...but not with God!  Give Him your "only" and allow Him to cause you to do great and mighty exploits for Him!

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