Tuesday, August 24, 2010


God is truly awesome.  He is.  I use that word (awesome) a lot, but I really mean it when I talk about my God or my Jesus.  Listen to the definition of the word.  Awesome comes from the word "awe" which means "an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like."  The word "awesome" means "something (or someone) who inspires awe".  In this case God, who inspires in me an overwhelming feeling of reverence, fear, etc,. produced by He who is grand, sublime, and extremely powerful!  God is truly awesome. 

We followers of this awe-inspiring God need to be in continual awe of Him.  Why?  Because His magnificence, majesty, and greatness never change.  Hebrews says that He is "the same yesterday, today, and yes...forever." There is no reason or circumstance in which we should not be overwhelmed by Him and His presence.  He's just that awesome. 

Our reverence and worship of Him should be full of fire and passion.  It is that fire and passion for Him that causes others to be drawn to Him...not to us.  It is God-designed human nature for one to rave about anyone or anything that is awe-inspiring to them.  I can look at the mountains and feel that sense of awe.  I can look at the ocean and feel the same.  These are truly awe-inspiring (awesome) creations of God.  But then the majesty of the mountains or the beauty of the ocean actually inspire more awe for God in me...knowing He created them!  He is truly awesome. 

He is awesome because of what He has done and what He can do.  However, the source of His awe-inspiring greatness comes not from what He has done or can do, but who He is.  He is magnificent.  He is incredible.  None is like Him or can come close to comparing to Him. 

My prayer is that His people will become literally overwhelmed with the One who saved them.  He is truly awesome.  I also pray that we His church will be so awed with Him that everything we say and do is inspired by His incredible greatness.  He is truly awesome.  What do you think?

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