Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who's Raising Your Children?

I like to share from time to time about events from my past, especially my childhood.  As a matter of fact, many of my blog posts are in some way inspired by the events of my younger days!  And having lived now for over half a century (not specifying how much over) it is very easy to look back and compare the way things were...with the way things are.  It's very easy to say "back in the day" or even "back in the good ole days".  Over the past few decades things have changed drastically in our great nation.  It seems that the changes are coming even more rapidly now.

I remember a time when families were families.  Instead of zooing in front of the TV we actually played outside and had to be ordered into the house for meals.  After my chores (assigned duties to prepare a child for the reality of life and to live a productive life) I couldn't wait to get outside with my friends and play...especially in the summer!  After dinner (supper where I'm from) we would play outside way past dark!  I do remember those nights of the week when our family would gather in front of the TV for an episode of Lost In Space or The Beverly Hillbillies.  It was a special time.  It was family time.

I remember when my dad who was busy running his own pharmacy would take the time to throw the football with we kids.  The only thing that would frustrate me is my big sister Kathie could throw the football further than me and my big brother!  But it was family time!  I remember on a cold night my Dad took his little propane blow torch and a clear, plastic clothes bag and filled it up with hot air.  Over and over and over I watched in amazement as that bag floated up into the dark sky.  My dad could do anything!  It was family time!  Unfortunately we've raised up several  generations who are addicted to TV and video games.  They can multi-task but they can't socialize.  They are successful in a fantasy world, but not in the real world.  The are chronically bored and real life itself is not flashy enough to hold their interest.  It's not their fault.  It's their parent's fault.  It's the previous generation's fault.

Parents, who is raising your children?  How are you preparing them for life?  How are you preparing them for the next life?  The truth is it takes input from you!  Connie and I were not perfect in raising our children by a long shot.  But when we committed to follow Christ early on, we committed to raise our children (the best we knew how) according to His Word.  We committed to preparing them for life's journey.  And we committed to preparing them to follow Christ!  Today they simply love and follow Jesus.  That's the greatest reward any parent could receive!  I encourage young parents today, turn off the TV and spend some quality time (regularly) with your children.  Know what they are watching when they do watch TV and filter it according to the heart of God.  If you allow them on the computer...monitor it at all times.  Know what music they listen to.  If it doesn't please God filter it!  These things are so simple.  Young children are very impressionable and will learn whatever you teach them.  This makes being a parent about the most important responsibility a person can have.

The truth is...the only way we can change the world is to deliberately train our children to be world-changers!  If we don't the world alone will continue to change them.

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