Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Well Do You Know Him?

  As I have probably said before I am a ponderer.  I like to ponder stuff in my heart and in my mind.  This morning I woke up pondering a question:  "How well do you know Him?"  I had to ponder that one further to understand more clearly what I woke up pondering!  The question still prevails in my heart..."How well do you know Him?"

I have been a serious follower of Christ for many years.  And while "length of service" doesn't necessarily substantiate the depth of one's walk, it can be an indicator. Many folks have followed Him for a season or two and then dropped out of the journey.  Others say that follow after Him but you cannot see the proof in their lives.   Yet others are still following hard after Him...after many years you clearly see the evidence of a genuine relationship.

I think I ponder stuff because I notice stuff.  The truth is I am not a "detail" person.  But I do notice things about certain things.  As a matter of fact I think I amuse Connie by some of the things I do notice...especially about people.  Even though I am not a detail person, I am pretty detailed about what I notice about people!

When Connie and I began this journey with Jesus Christ years ago we took it serious.  I discovered Jesus' love and forgiveness in the midst of a terrible marital crisis.  When I allowed Him, He stepped in and took control.  It was at a point when I was willing to lay it all down for His intervention in my marriage.  I can honestly say I didn't hunger directly for Him, but for what He could do with my life, marriage, and family.  However when I allowed Him to intervene, I quickly discovered the greatness of who He really is!  It was an introduction that changed my life and my eternity!  Fourteen months later Connie joined me in the walk and as I said, we took it seriously.   We began a wonderful walk with Him together as a married couple.  We didn't know any better than to simply live for Him.  It wasn't hard to do!  Life itself got hard and challenging at times, but living for Him never did!  In our culture marriage is ingrained in the mindsets of people as a temporary institution instead of a permanent one.  When things get tough the mindset is to separate or divorce.  Perhaps that mentality spills over into many relationships with Jesus.  I'm just saying.  Things get tough so believers look elsewhere for help.

As I said I notice things.  I notice how believers talk.  I notice what they get involved in.  I notice their actions.  I don't try to...I just notice things!  How we talk, what we get involved in, how we act or respond are just a few of the indicators of how well we know Him or how well we don't really know Him.  A true knowledge of Jesus produces a deep relationship with Him.  And a deep relationship motivates one to live for Him.  The old song way back when said "What the world needs now is love sweet love".  But what the world really needs now is people that know Him well.  Because out of that deep relationship the love of Jesus genuinely changes the lives of people.  Let me ask well do you know Him?

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