Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't Stop Dreaming

   As a child we can't wait until we grow up.  I remember when I turned 12.  I had several guys over for my 12th Birthday party.  It was a good party.  We played football in the yard for awhile and then walked to the local movie.  This was the greatest party of my Birthday celebration.  Why?  Because I could now pay the "adult" rate to get in the movies.  Instead of a child's ticket, I now had to pay the adult rate!  How cool was that! least it was cool back then.  I basically had to pay more for the same thing!  

I couldn't wait until I was old enough to drive a car.  I remember it well (even though it was sometime during the past century).  Then I had to reach the age of!  Then...21!  Then 25 so I could pay less on my auto insurance.  As a child, teenager, and young adult...I was a dreamer.  There was so much to look forward to!  And since becoming a follower of Christ in my upper 20's (a while ago), I still dream!  

Do you still dream?  Did you, like so many adults loose the ability to dream.  When you reached those common milestones we all live to reach, did you have anything left to dream for?  Just asking.  Many adults don't dream anymore.  Many adults don't anticipate future milestones like they did as a child or teenager.  (Except maybe retirement.)  Why is that?  Because they've reached all the common milestones of life the world expects us to reach.  After that most adults become settled in to the American dream which again is established by our culture.  Then what?  It has been my relationship with Jesus Christ that has spawned new dreams that are tailor made for my life and destiny.  Along with the purpose God gives us He also gives us a personalize destiny.  The neat thing is that He is committed to our reaching our destiny.  He is with us always.

Let me encourage you.  Put your trust in Christ.  Don't settle simply for the routine life offers you.  Don't even settle for the American dream.  That's not bad, but God has so much more for you.  He might need you to travel to different parts of the planet for Him.  He might need you to launch into a god-called career you never dreamed of...before now.  Just trust Him.  He wants you to anticipate and dream dreams He gives.  Let me assure you.  Life with God was never intended by God to be dull and boring.  Check in with Him today.  He has a new dream for you to reach for!

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