Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life Decisions

Life is full of decisions.  Some are quite easy while others are difficult.  But no one can live life and not be faced with decisions.  Becoming a Christ-follower years back did not exempt me from making decisions!  As a matter of fact, it seems sometimes making decisions as a Christ-follower can be even more difficult!  Why is that?  I believe it is because making the right decision is more crucial to one who follows after Jesus!

Obedience is crucial to following Him and we learn quickly as Christ-followers about its importance to our walk with Him.  We also learn that the direct opposite of obedience is disobedience.  The Book also teaches us that decisions produce consequences.  Consequences are the results of the decisions we make.  If you're like me you've made some good decisions, and you've made some bad decisions!  How do we know?  Consequences!

I have no doubt that making decisions is part of God's design for us!  Since we understand (or we should understand) that decisions bring consequences, we should be more determined to make the right ones.   

Some decisions are no-brainers.  These are easy and don't require much thought.  But there are times when we must make decisions based not only on a lot of thought, but ultimately on faith and trust in God.  I know you've been there before.  You may be there today.  Perhaps God has placed a decision before you today.  And you've prayed about it, and you've thought it over..but you still have no inclination!  It's probably a rather large decision that will impact your way or the other.  I've been there too!  The first thing you look for is peace that passes all understanding.  There are times when this peace won't be found in the facts and thought processes.  It only comes when you simply trust God that He is in total control of your life.  And because you believe that, you totally trust that the decision you make is His direction for you!  God may have you in that place.  It's that place that requires you and me to simply trust Him and step out.

Finally I want to say that Connie and I recently made a rather large, life-changing decision.  It involved us laying down the ministry, and relocating to another State to be closer to our elderly parents and to more of our family.  It was one of those decisions that we had to really trust God in making!  It has brought with it challenges I haven't faced in years.  This decision was a big step of faith for us.  However, the peace of God (and the consequences) have proven to us that we made the right decision.  They have proven that it was God's will!  If you are faced with a large, life-changing decision God first that He truly is the Master Planner of your life.  Then trust Him for His peace that is not tied to concrete facts.  Then take the leap of faith He is leading you to take. may change your life, but isn't that exactly what He wants to do for you?

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