Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dead, but Alive

Connie and I are at my folks today for Easter.  It's always a joy to be with family...especially at very special times of the year like now.  Today is Easter or Resurrection Day (depending on where you're from)!  The morning is a little overcast with some fog in the air.  But to me there is a special freshness in the air.  I know it's because of my love for my Savior who came to the earth as one of us 2000 years ago to take on our sins and taste true death for us.  

I got up and with a fresh cup of coffee went outside and read all four accounts of the resurrection.  It is truly amazing when you think of God's love for us.  He cares for you and me so much that He gave His only Son for us!  And it overwhelms me when I ponder what Jesus gave up, what He became, and what he endured for you and me.  To top it off, He rose from the dead!  In His death He broke the power of sin over you and me.  And in His resurrection He conquered death and destroyed its grip on humanity!  All we must do is believe Him and the work He came and completed!  

Because He died...if you know Him, you are dead to sin (just like He was)!  And because He rose from the dead you are alive to God (just like He was and is)!  Again...truly amazing!

If you don't know Him...He's done His part.  Give Him your life.  He will forgive your sins and fill you with His everlasting life!  A simple, honest prayer is all it takes!  Happy Easter...because He lives!

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