Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's Next?

Hey everyone.  Thanks for checking this out.  I just woke up, made my way into the kitchen, put on a fresh pot of coffee, now drinking it, and looking forward to the day.  Man, I just love this time of the day.  It's that time when the day is fresh, God's mercies are brand new, and you anticipate the day ahead.  No, I'm not a super-optimist.  But I've learned from walking with God a few years that each day brings with it the potential for many opportunities.  Sometimes we miss the opportunities or we even fail at opportunities.  But nevertheless...they come!  And each day brings new opportunities or even old ones presented once again.

At this time in my life I'm not sure if I have ever been more excited about our future (Connie's and mine.)  And the truth is we don't have a clue what the future holds for us!  We are in a time of transition.  What does that mean?  For us it means we don't know what is next...but we know it is of God and that excites my socks off (well maybe my bedroom slippers).  Connie and I have never been more excited and never had more peace than we do right now.  How can this be?  I have a theory.  Just kidding.  I know exactly why.  It is because we are entering a fresh new season, with fresh new opportunities to go to the next level.  It's like the beginning of a fresh new day!  Add to that, a fresh new year loaded with new possibilities.  I am so excited!  And I am on the pursuit.  The Book says that if we ask, seek, and knock we'll receive, find, and doors will be opened.  An opportunity is like a door.  Sometimes God presents us with opportunities.  Sometimes we find opportunities by asking, seeking, and knocking.  But the fact is we must utilize opportunities like we go through a door.  The door is there for the purpose of exiting one realm and entering another.  If the door is not utilized however, you remain in the present realm.  Opportunity utilized always makes us better!

I'm now sure about you, but for me change is bitter/sweet.  It is bitter because of the uncomfortable adjustments that must be made in order for the change to effectively better me.  Just when you get in the groove you have to forge a new one.  It is sweet however, because the purpose of change in my life is to offer me new and better opportunities that result in my positive progress.  The fact is if you never never progress.  So I'll have to say that when the negatives and the positives of change are placed in the balance, the scales overwhelmingly tip in favor of the positive!  OK let me just say it...I LOVE CHANGE!  It is exciting because of all the possibilities!

In 2010 I encourage you to pursue new opportunities that will help you to make positive progress in your God-given destiny.  Don't be afraid to step beyond your present status.  Don't be afraid to step out of the box.  God is there for you.  So let me ask you...what's next? 

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