Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chalk One Up for the Red Bull

We rang in the New Year with family, football, and some really great snacks.  I had driven all the way from just north of Mobile back home earlier that day and didn't know if I would manage to make it until midnight...but I did!  At midnight we watched a really, really "Red Bull" hyped up dude jump over 250 feet of water (in a rally car) and land on a barge in the water.  Actually it was quite interesting.  Anticipating such a daring but not so brilliant stunt all evening was part of what kept me going.  We watched a bowl game during most of the evening throughout which the "water jumping" event was being promoted to take place at midnight.  I'll have to admit, the dare-angel in me proved it was worth the wait!  I got a few chill bumps!

Underlying all the excitement of a really hyper guy flying (in a car) over 250 feet of water...and landing on a barge to start off the new year was the anticipation of another year beginning.  I always get so excited at the beginning of a new year.  Some people look at the new year as the end of an old one.  And depending on what kind of year the previous one was probably establishes how excited you are about the old year ending!  But a new year means the beginning of a brand new one...with brand new opportunities!  It means fresh expectations.  I also see the new year as presenting opportunities to succeed where we may have failed.  You see, the new year is like a new day.  The Book says that God's mercies are new every single morning.  That's one in your favor!  Each day brings with it new opportunities to succeed at serving God.  Your success today is not determined by your failures from yesterday.  Oh yes, we must learn from our failures and improve from our failures.  But God's rich mercies erase our short-comings in His own eyes!  Man!  It's the same way with a new year.  2010 brings with it many God-given opportunities for you and me!  We don't know exactly what the year holds for us.  Only God does.  But we can look at 2010 with fresh expectations...even opportunities to do better!  I just thank God for a new year!  As I said before, I get so excited when a new year full of opportunities arrives.

What are you expecting this year?  What will be your part in making it happen?  How much of it are you willing to put in God's hands?  Where did you fail (or simply not succeed) last year?  A fresh, new year will present to you opportunities to succeed!  His mercies are new every year!

Join with me in launching into 2010 with fresh expectations for the new year.  Give this new year over to God at the very beginning.  Make a commitment to Him to trust Him in everything...yet to do your part in basing your attitude on His Word.  Make a fresh commitment to stand firm on His principles through the victories and the challenges.  Make a commitment to Him and a trusted friend to launch forth into the God-given vision you've been sitting on for too long!  It's time!  It's a New Year!!  What do you think?

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