Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Are You Missing The Whole Thing?

I saw an impromptu debate this morning over whether Trump is an idol or not. Some were saying he is an idol. Others were arguing that he is not, but that Biden is an idol. I've seen and heard in other arguments over politics, and the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, that it should be Jesus in 2024. I don't agree with that.

First of all, it should be Jesus forever, not just in the 2024 Presidential election. Let's not turn to Jesus only when it's an election year. Let's not turn to Jesus because you may or may not think either candidate is a worthy choice. This life is all about Jesus. Your destiny should be all about Jesus! If America truly chose Jesus, our country wouldn't be in such turmoil.

The American church is missing the whole thing! The American church as a whole seems to be clueless about this particular upcoming election! It's not about personality, or the lack of thereof. It's about freedom, and the privilege to share it around the world. It's about the freedom to remain the most evangelistic nation ever on planet earth. It's about checking big government, or allowing it to continue to paralyze our nation. It's about supporting God's people, Israel, and receiving God's richest blessings as a nation, or it's about turning our backs on God's people, and becoming the object of God's curses (as He proclaims in Genesis 12:3).

Satan hates America because of her willingness to share the gospel to the nations of this world. As a result, there are millions around the world that hate America. There are folks right here in America that hate America and are working to see her fall. When she falls, the rest of the world will suffer greatly. Satan hates America because she has faithfully stood with God's people Israel throughout the decades. And God has blessed America for that! Yet, we, the church in America debate, argue, pick and choose, and sadly divide over petty things instead of asking the question "Are we better off now that we were before?".

Even on a natural, grassroots level the church continues to be clueless! Crucial things; things that strengthen our nation don't seem to matter. The economy, interest rates, inflation, and price of gas are just a few indicators our economy has taken a nose dive over the past 4 years. But the church continues to focus on the petty, and continues to miss the whole thing: A better America, a stronger military, a stronger economy (once again), closed borders, freedom to share the gospel around the world. These are just a few of the things that will greatly effect your children, your grandchildren, etc.

The church in America must stop expecting her Commander in Chief to be men of God. The church must stop limiting God to our preconceived notions of who and how our President should be. God has used Godly people, and at times, ungodly folks to carry out His will. The church in America is missing it! God's ultimate, immutable will is carried out by and through the person He chooses. But God also requires His church to know His heart for America. Arguing, debating, pitching opinion only weakens our ability to hear His heart. There is where the danger lies.

And finally, look at results. Look at the figures. Remember where we were and where we are. The bottom line is, what is best for the American people. God wants the best for His people. That's NOT Christian nationalism. That is NOT idolatry. So, again, the question is, are you missing the whole thing?


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