Monday, July 19, 2021

Rejoice! It's Monday!

Good Monday morning to all! It is a great day. Know why? It's the day the Lord has made, and we are to be glad and rejoice in this day. Lots of folks don't like Monday because for many, it's back to work. But since God made today for you and me to breathe His breath of life (and He doesn't make junk), we can celebrate this day!

Why not celebrate the fact that you actually woke up this morning! Or perhaps rejoice in the fact that you have a job. But above all, the gift of this day is packed with opportunities to live for Jesus. If Jesus presented you and me with no opportunities to live out loud for Him, we most likely wouldn't have awakened this morning.

Live today with expectation. Anticipate God to move in and through you. Many people will be watching you. You just may be the one He chooses to change someone's life this very day.

Never forget, Jesus can do all things. Nothing is impossible for Him! But He does it through you and me! So rejoice in the fact that we've been given another day! Celebrate the truth that nothing is impossible with God as you embrace this gift of Monday!

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