Saturday, December 22, 2018

New Year, Fresh Start!

As we near the close of 2018 I am getting more and more excited! But then, this always happens to me every year as we embark on a brand new year.

2018 was a fantastic year. God was faithful to do even more that we anticipated! Our expectations entering the year were extremely exceeded by His goodness. So every year, near year's end, I start anticipating the new year! God has prepared great exploits for you and me as we pursue Him by faith!

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you know that He has only the best for you. You also know that if you trust Him (and His word) consistently, you can successfully navigate what lies ahead with great anticipation. I have no doubt that 2019 is full of adventure for those who are excited to be used by Him!

You can anticipate with excitement the new year because God always leads you forward with time. As time passes, you move forward with God. Of course, you and I must be diligently following Him, planting the seed of His Word into ourselves. As the seed of the Word grows, it eventually produces fruit in our lives and brings God glory.

Each new year presents new opportunities and new adventures in serving the King of all creation! Take some time and dwell on the idea of a new year just ahead. Think about how awesome our God is, and how He has called you serve Him. Also dwell on the truth that in serving Him, He has great things for you. Perhaps the year 2019 will bring forth the fruit of some of the things you have been believing Him for! One thing we can count on is that with a fresh, new year comes fresh, new vision. We are created to apply certain time marks and milestones to launch into the newer, fresher, bigger, and sometimes better things Jesus has for us. There is none better than the beginning of a new year!

So, my friend, as 2019 approaches, go ahead now and begin to thank Him for what the year holds. Embrace the new year with great expectations of our great God. Begin right now, to anticipate fresh direction from the One who desires to use you mightily in extending His kingdom to our world. Doesn't this excite you? I pray so!

Merry Christmas, and a most prosperous, successful New Year as you diligently seek Him for the fresh and the new in 2019!

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