Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pigskins Are Flying!

It's that time again. Football season is upon us! Even though it's 193.1 degrees here in the South, it's still football time. At the time of this writing college football (which is my favorite by far) has just kicked off. The pros will be banging heads by this weekend. Yes, pigskins are beginning to fly everywhere!

Everyone has their favorite team. You know, that one team you'd die for. After all, it is YOUR favorite team. It doesn't matter whether they win or lose, whether they stink or not, or how funky their team uniforms are....they're YOUR team; and you're loyal to them to the end. It doesn't matter if you are a nice person or not...during football season you're a ravenous, rambunctious, uncontrollable fan of your favorite team. Right?
So what are you waiting for? It's time to get your social media oiled up and ready for those obnoxious digs toward those who oppose your team; or just those who like different teams. Let the human race know you are loyal only to YOUR team! Proclaim to the cosmos your "Hook'em Horns", "Hotty Toddy", or your "Waw Eagle"! Let the universe know YOUR team rules!

And never forget this guys...your manhood lies in football. (Not sure about the girls.) When your team wins, YOUR man-card credentials are genuinely validated. So...may your team win (unless of course they play mine). Let YOUR team rule, until they bow to mine. It's football season!

(In all seriousness, I do love football. But my how powerful the church could be if we could give it all for Jesus as we do football. What do you think?)

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