Friday, March 20, 2015

Take Courage! (Because It's Needed.)

I believe we are living in the most exciting time ever. Now that may sound a bit looney to some of you. However, in light of Biblical prophecy, and the fact that there are myriads of souls yet to be harvested, I know my opening statement is accurate! If you are alive and were born for such a time as this. You may have been born 10 years ago. You may have been born 75 years ago. The fact were born to be God's powerful instrument now and in the coming days.
Time is a key word. God's appointed time is drawing closer and closer. Take a look. Take a listen to what is going on all around you. Who can deny things are gearing up for the glorious works of God in these last days? But do you see it? Do you believe it? Follower of Christ are you living life in the comfort of your culture as if nothing has changed? Can you hear the screams of the tortured and murdered innocent from around the planet? Could it be you have buried your head in the sand in hopes of it all blowing over? I pray not.
The truth is God has called you to take a stand for Him. He has ordained you to rise up in these last days. He has commissioned you to not make full use of the world, because the world and its present form is passing away. (That's in the Bible!) God has empowered you to witness to the nations by the power of His own Spirit. What are you waiting for? Go! Do it!
Re-sensitize yourself by drawing close (really close) to Jesus. Do you have His heart? If not...draw near to Him. Re-kindle your first love for Him through repentance and prayer. Remember, you are His instrument. He didn't save you so you could live for yourself. He didn't call you in vain. Your life counts. Your ministry is most significant. Many souls, many lives depend on it. Surrender you heart to Him again. He is waiting. Souls are depending on you.
Take a stand with me as I take a stand for Jesus in these very present last days. Believe with me for open doors of opportunity to preach the good news of Jesus Christ wherever leads. Agree with me for divine appointments that lead to the encouraging of God's mighty church. Let's Go! Let's Do It!

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