Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Most Powerful Form of Giving

With all the abusive teaching and practices concerning giving these days (especially in the church), I can understand one being a little leery about getting involved in the process. However, amidst all the abusive clutter we must know the heart of Jesus concerning this extremely basic principle. Yes, giving is a Biblical principle that when exercised moves the heart of Jesus. So it makes great sense to know His heart concerning giving.

There is an incident in Mark Chapter 12 in which Jesus literally observes people giving. As Jesus is observing (observing, not watching) he notices there are a lot rich people giving large sums. Big bucks were being dropped in the treasury.  Why would Jesus be so concerned to the point of observing how people were giving? Let's look a little closer at the incident in Mark. At one point Jesus notices a very poor widow come forward and put in just two copper coins (one cent). His heart was moved to an immediate response. “Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all the contributors to the treasury!” Remember many rich folk were coming and putting in large sums of money. This poor widow put in just a cent’s worth and Jesus calls it more than all the others combined! What was He thinking? Here is the heart of Jesus: “…for they all put in out of their surplus, but she, out of her poverty, put in all she owned, all she had to live on." To give out of poverty is the same as giving out of your need.

This is the most powerful form of giving; giving out of your need, not from your surplus. It is easy to give out of surplus. To give out of your surplus is to trust in your own supply. But to give out of your need is to trust Jesus. In addition, to give out of your need is to give all you have, and trust Jesus to take care of you. There is divine power in this kind of giving. Why? Because God is moved to get involved in the process!

Giving out of your need takes an exercise of your faith. Faith moves the heart of Jesus, and thus His hand! Most folks give when they have it. There is no faith in this…and there is no divine power either. But there are a few who, like the poor widow, give out of their need or lack. They don’t have much to give, but according to Jesus, it is more than the rest combined! O that we would just take hold of this extremely powerful principle available to us today!

A question for you: Does Jesus observe the way you give? Is He really that concerned whether you give out of your own surplus, or out of your need? The answer is yes! Jesus is concerned because there are people in this world you can help today simply by giving even just a little. He is equally concerned with your heart, and how much you trust Him in your giving. He knows that if your trust Him, He can bless others through you.

Let me encourage you. In this brand new year of 2015, find a place to give. But let it be a stretch for you. Give in such a way you must trust Jesus. Exercise your faith. Make a commitment to give out of your own lack or need. Make a divine difference. Yes...according to Jesus it is the most powerful form of giving.

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