Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Call Beyond

Over the years of my life I've heard phrases like "he/she has a calling upon them." This means, of course, God has called them to do something specific like preaching, teaching, missions, etc. There are specific calls on specific people to do specific things. I also believe everyone has a similar call who are followers of Jesus Christ. We ALL have a calling to go beyond. Beyond what? Beyond the present. Beyond our current position. Beyond our current status.

The "call" on your life is not a landing place. It is not a final destination. It is a journey. God intends to keep you moving forward. The call on your life is to take you beyond your present point. For many of us, our present point can be quite comfortable. But the call of God on us is designed to bring us out of the comfort zone, to the place in which we must rely totally on Him. Without the call, you won't fulfill your destiny. Your destiny can be fulfilled only by moving forward. And again, the call is to keep you moving forward.

There is a greater place for you than your present position. There is a much better status for you than your current status. There is a place beyond where you are...and God is calling you there. That's the nature of the call. We can be content with where we are, while at the same time knowing there is more for us. God has more for you than what you are experiencing...and He is calling you there.

Age does not affect the call. It is never too late. God can do in a very short time what normally would take many years by human effort alone. Whom God calls He also enables. When God enables, heaven is involved and anything can happen! Lack of finances does not affect the call of God on your life. When God calls, He provides, if we simply obey Him.

There is a call on your life my friend. I think you understand what I mean. Perhaps you feel you've missed the call. Perhaps you feel you've waited too long. Are you still breathing? Then heed the call. Seek the face of Jesus. Expect Him to take you higher and further than your present position. The enemy's ploy is to get you to believe you're no longer needed by God. Excuse me but.....poppycock!!

The Holy Spirit spoke these words by the Apostle Paul in Romans 11:29, "...for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable." He is speaking of the nation of Israel, and God's call upon the nation to be a light to the world. God's plan for Israel will come to pass in the last days. Why? Because Israel has a call to go beyond where they are at the present time.

God has something extraordinary for you to do and it hasn't happened yet. But it will happen! His plans are to take you beyond the status quo into incredible exploits for Him. It is the call on your life. Those whom God calls...He mighty ways. Get ready!!

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