Monday, May 26, 2014

Does God Still Bless America?

It's Memorial Day 2014, a day on which many are off from work. It's a day to barbecue and hang out with friends and family. Many folks in South Mississippi are hitting the swimming pools. Memorial Day is the "unofficial" kick-off of the Summer season. It's is a great time of the year. The cold weather is gone, the school year is ending, and summer is almost here!

Memorial Day is technically a day to remember all those who have fallen in service to our country. All over the social networks are pictures of those who have served and given the ultimate gift of their lives for our country.

It truly blesses my heart to see the posts of thanks and gratitude for the sacrifice made by so many for our freedom. Let me add my contribution. Thanks to Jesus for those who were willing to give ALL for our freedom. And thanks to the many who have served or are now serving in the U.S. Military. As the song says, "All gave some, and some gave ALL." A special thanks is in order for the families of those who have served and are serving. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart! May God abundantly bless you!

You must understand that The United States of America is no better (in and of herself) than any other nation on the face of our planet. America's success as a nation is not because of her superior Army, Air Force, or Navy. When it all started she had none of the preceding. But what she had, no other nation had. America had a love and hunger for the God who created the universe. And her founding fathers had a desire to share this Gospel with the rest of the world. In addition our forefathers desired to worship God freely, without interference from the government. She was birthed and blessed (by God) because of this. Those nations which depended soley on their military might eventually slipped into obscurity.

I grow more concerned with each passing day that America is steadily drifting toward that obscurity mentioned above. Our nation is becoming less and less significant in impacting our world, as our leaders (and followers) drift farther and farther from God. Say what you will. Believe what you will. But The United States of America's mission is one of sharing the light of Jesus to the world. Through the years we have focused less on ourselves (as a nation) and more on others much less fortunate. This has caused America to be blessed! When an individual moves away from God...they move away also from His provision, protection, and blessing. It is the same with a nation. Moving away from God also equals less divine interference in crucial situations like in times of war.

Now with that said, I have some encouraging news. America's roots are not quite like any other nation. Remember, our nation was born out of a desire to serve God, and to worship Him freely. Our founding fathers were willing to give their lives for this freedom. What our nation is built upon is what made us different from the beginning. What am I saying? I'm saying that if America returns to her roots, she will return to her former status of making a positive impact on the world. America must return to God!

It starts with the church in America praying for a revival in our nation. Understand, it's not about the United States of America. It is about Jesus. Instead of "God Bless America", we must make it "America Bless God Again!" When we once again make it about Jesus, God will bless our nation. As we exist to help the less fortunate and the oppressed God will bless! And with each opportunity to help the less fortunate and the oppressed we must share the Gospel of Jesus! When we pay the price of revival prayer, God will move. But if not, there will come a time in which it will be too late. It's not too late at this point. Pray! Pray fervently! Pray continuously! Will you join me?

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