Sunday, February 23, 2014

Song Service or Worship Service?

"We had a mighty good song service at church last Sunday." Song service? What does that mean? Actually it means that the song and music part of the service went pretty well. No major hitches were had. You know..."We breezed through every single song with no interruptions." "We had it down to an art." "It ran like a well-oiled machine."

The question is, do you want a "song service" or a "worship service"? When I say "worship service" I don't mean the whole service. I'm talking about that time when the congregation is led into worship of our Creator by an anointed worship leader and team, not a song leader. I can tell you from experience a worship service is much better. Why? Because a worship service involves the Holy Spirit. When He is involved...stuff happens and things change. A song service does only one thing. It occupies time. Experience just one "worship" service and you may not want to do the song service thing ever again. Anyone can have a song service because anyone can lead songs. But a worship service is an encounter with the Most High God. That is what I desire, because that is what I need!

A song service is about the song (a very little bit), and the song leader. A worship service is about Jesus and requires one who is a worship leader. As I stated in an earlier post, a worship leader much be a worshiper of God. A worship leader is a minister of God and to God. When he or she ministers, God moves and people are touched.

Let me warn you about something however. No two worship services are the same! Why is that? Well...since the Holy Spirit is involved there is a high level of spontaneity. This means the Holy Spirit is given control and the liberty to move as He wills. When folks are led in worship (not just songs) a lot more can happen than you might expect.

If you are accustomed to a song service you may be surprised the first time (or two) you experience a real worship service. You might even be a little unnerved! Not to worry though because the Holy Spirit is there. Remember He is the Spirit of God. The Scripture says there is freedom wherever the Holy Spirit is. (See 2 Corinthians 3:17)

If you feel there something is missing from your church services; and if you know exactly what is going to happen (because it has happened over and over for the past 100 years), there's a good chance you're experiencing a "song service" instead of a worship service. If you desire more out of your church experience, seek out a church offering worship services, not song services. You will not be disappointed! As a matter of fact, you will be blessed and your life will change.

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