Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Day, The Next Victim Of Commercial Greed

Christmas day is next! No I don't mean the next holiday. I mean Christmas Day will be the next holiday to fall to the greed of commercialism. (I didn't say the Christmas season, I said Christmas Day.)

To make one more dollar, stores will begin to remain open...yes even on Christmas Day. Like Thanksgiving Day, the priority of the "bottom line" will rise far above the true meaning of the day, and Christmas Day will become the ultimate feeding frenzy for compulsive shoppers and money-hungry corporate executives. Even now, commemorating the birth of Jesus, Savior of the world has a far lower priority than celebrating the giving and getting of the perfect Christmas gift.

Back to Thanksgiving Day, I remember a time when the day was a real family holiday. Businesses were closed. Families would get together simply to be together. Some would even acknowledge their complete and utter dependence on God by offering thanks to Him for who He is and what He has done. I commend those of you who still do.

As one who worked in retail for a national chain of stores I dreaded Thanksgiving Day. In order to survive the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday I would have to shorten my Thanksgiving considerably. That same chain as well as many others began opening on Thanksgiving evening and remain open until the end of Black Friday. By the way, I am no longer with this particular chain of stores. Christmas Day is next. There will no longer be any "last minute shopping". You can always shop. Why wait till the last minute when you can do all of your shopping on Christmas Day!

I hereby, right now issue you this challenge. Take back your Thanksgiving Day! Make the giving of thanks to Jesus its only priority. Protect Christmas Day! Don't give it up to commercialism and the thrill of fighting for a few dollars off! It's up to you! It is the consumer that sets the pace. The retailer simply tosses out the morsel. If you gobble up the morsel, the retailer throws more. If you don't, the retailer goes back to the drawing board. The bottom line is that they respond to you!

Don't let commercialism destroy your Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day! Make your home a place of refuge. Return to their true meanings. Be different. Be a light to those who need the light. Jesus said you are a lamp high on the lamp stand for all to see His love. He also said you are a city set high upon a hill, again for all to see His love. What better time to raise Him up than right here at Thanksgiving and through the entire Christmas holiday season.

567909: The Purpose of Christmas The Purpose of Christmas
By Rick Warren

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