Friday, July 26, 2013

Are You A Happy Customer?

Years ago I worked for McDonald's.  You know, the place with the red-headed clown that sits out front (and never moves).  I remember one of the first things I noticed in the little break room was a sign that read "The Customer Is Always Right!"  I really thought about that one since I was new to the company and really didn't know what kind of an influence that slogan would have on me.  Could a customer (having a bad hair day) dump their chocolate shake on me and be in right in doing it?  Could a customer "name their own price" for a Big Mac and I would have to agree?  It didn't take me long to understand what that little slogan really meant.  This statement simply implied (loudly and clearly) that customer service was the main issue at McDonald's.  "The Customer Is Always Right" also implies that customers are what McDonald's is all about.  Without customers there would be no business.  Without business there would be no McDonald's!  I don't know if this statement still applies at McDonald's or not.  It's been awhile since I worked there.  But it's a great one.

Another one of my favorite places to go is Starbuck's.  If anyone knows know that.  I think they do have great coffee and great specialty drinks.  I am more of a plain ole coffee man so I don't drop too much money on the other stuff.  I love my coffee, and I like it to be good.  But there is another reason I love to visit Starbuck's.  They seem to really appreciate my coming in!  One day Connie and I visited the local Starbuck's.  The barista knew I am a "bold" coffee drinker and asked my opinion on a gourmet coffee they had been serving for the week.  I appreciate that!  Many times as soon as I walk in the door they're already preparing me a bold coffee.  It's on the counter when I get there!  What is that?  It is great customer service.  It is going the extra mile to please the customer.  I like that!  

Yet another of my favorite places is Chick-fil-A.  In our last experience there we were greeted at the door with a hearty "Welcome to Chck-fil-A!"  When we finished our meal someone came to our table and took our trays for us.  I gave them a big "Thanks", and their response was "It's my pleasure."  I've noticed anytime you say thanks in Chick-fil-A you get a big "It's my pleasure!"
The truth is...when I am the customer I like it to be about me.  Why?  Besides the fact I just like it, I am also paying for the product and the service.  For someone to not even acknowledge my presence or at least say thanks irritates me!  Chances are I won't be back!  Good customer appreciation brings me back!  I think you'll agree.

Many, many businesses could be so much more successful if they would just understand the significance of good customer service.  Even churches would be more effective in reaching people if they understood good customer service.  A warm, friendly greeting makes the difference.  I have learned from years of experience that most first-time guests will return for one simple reason...they feel welcome.  Paul says in Romans 12:10 to "...give preference to one another in honor."  I believe this is the foundation of great customer service.  It is absolutely amazing what I can learn from burgers, coffee, and chicken!

879410: Jumpstart Your Customer Service Jumpstart Your Customer Service
By Shawn Doyle & Lauren Anderson

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