Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Had A Dream

Last night I had a very interesting dream. I dreamed I was in a park on a beautiful sunny day. The park was filled with lot's of folks enjoying the beautiful day. It was a typical scene; folks picnicing, playing sports, walking, running, and just hanging out.

All of a sudden I started preaching the Word of God at the top of my voice! That's not so unusual for me as I have done it mostly in foreign countries with a translator. But this was somewhere in the U.S. I did not recognize. As I continued to speak, the words kept coming. It was obvious that the words were being given to me supernaturally by the Holy Spirit, and that they were extremely timely.

To dream I am preaching is not new to me. It happens to me quite often. In many of the cases, the people targeted are not listening as I preach. In last night's dream, people stopped their activities, one by one it seems, and began focusing on my words. Now here's the really weird part. I don't remember exactly what I was preaching. I do very vaguely remember something about hunger and thirst for God. Whatever I was preaching was definitely turning heads to listen to God's words. In last night's dream, there seemed to be a genuine drawing to the words coming out of my mouth!

I do believe the dream has significance. I clearly understand that as a Christ-follower and a preacher God wants me to be ready at all times and in any place to deliver head-turning, life-changing words to whoever will listen. I also believe that in the days ahead we will see more spontaneous messages, given right on the spot in places we would think inappropriate. After all, there is no place on earth devoid of His Spirit. David said, "Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?" (Psalm 139:7) God's Spirit is everywhere. When He desires to speak through you and me, it could be any place, at any time, to anyone!

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