Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pay Attention To The Anointing

The anointing of God takes the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary. Human flesh along with human abilities are the ordinary. But any ordinary person, place or thing anointed of God becomes extraordinary. The very best of human flesh cannot cause humanity to rise above its own natural abilities. But the touch of God makes the difference! The touch of God (the anointing) launches the natural into the realm of the supernatural - far above natural ability. The anointing enables us natural beings to operate in the supernatural realm of God Almighty!

The anointing is crucial for any servant of God - no matter what the occupation. If you do anything for Jesus, you must be anointed to be effective. Without the anointing, whatever you do is just ordinary. Without God's touch, your service is totally, humanly natural. It is limited strictly to human ability. Pay attention to the anointing. Is it there? Is it on you? How do you know it is there? Here is the best answer I can give: You just know it is there! The anointing cannot be denied. It cannot be hidden. You know it is there!

Recently I was watching a video of a young female worship leader. I had heard the song, but only a time or two before. I was drawn into God's presence. I began to weep in God's presence in just a matter of seconds. What was going on? She was powerfully anointed as a worship leader. But something else was going on. The song she had written and was singing was powerfully anointed by God. Worship leaders, when prayerfully selecting songs for your set list, pay attention to the anointing! It truly makes the difference.

The significance of the anointing goes far beyond making us cry. But for me, that is one of its indications. Like I said before, when something is anointed, You just know it is anointed. You cannot ignore the touch of God. We should earnestly desire God's anointing, but we must trust Him to accomplish His work through the anointing. Remember, it is supernatural just as He is.

The anointing is not in how large the worship team is. It is not in how large or small the church is. The anointing is not in how well-polished the music is. It is not in how cool one dresses. It is not in the key or the tempo of the music. It is not in the style of preaching. The anointing is not in how current the songs selected are. Without the anointing, all of the preceding (and more) at the very best is just human flesh. So pay attention to the anointing.

How does one become anointed? The anointing is applied through the Holy Spirit. James said, "Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you." (James 4:10) The Holy Spirit is God's presence in the earth. And to be exalted by God is to be anointed by His Spirit. Simply stated, the more we are in His presence, the more anointed we become. If God's Spirit imparts the anointing, being with Him is the way we receive it. As a worship leader, I would spend hours every week (alone with God) simply worshiping God on my instrument and with my voice. This is how the anointing comes. Spending lots of time with Him, no matter what your calling is, is how you receive the anointing.

God's people are also anointed to do specific things. But time and space will not permit me to go there in this post. So "serve on" fellow servant of Christ, and attention to the anointing!

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